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Music Making


Open to All

Cultural Focus:



Bring an mbira if you have one

About Workshop

Enter the beautiful world of Zimbabwean mbira music through playing and singing. This sacred music is traditionally played for all night ceremonies to connect our hearts with the support and guidance of our ancestors.

Mbira music is deep and sweet, rhythmic and melodic, gentle and powerful. From the heart of rural Zimbabwe, this music is for everyone and knows how to open our hearts, connect us with the earth, our ancestors and each other in a simple and profound way.

In these sessions we'll explore some of the rhythms and songs connected with this music, as well as having the opportunity to learn the basics of playing the instrument.

Kennedy & Denise

Zimbabwean Mbira Music


Kennedy & Denise

Kennedy Chinyere and Denise Rowe are passionate about the power of music, dance, song and ceremony to support our remembering of ourselves as part of this living earth and to help us lift up a strong prayer for thriving life

Kennedy Chinyere is a musician, mbira player and sculptor who grew up in a traditional family in rural Zimbabwe. Kennedy started playing mbira as a young boy, and has played in many ceremonies and rituals to connect people with the spirit of their ancestors and the spirit of the land.

Denise Rowe is a creative practitioner, ceremonialist and experiential facilitator with over twenty years experience in creating and holding safe spaces for powerful transformation. Denise’s passion is for the deep embodied remembering that is encoded within our beings as part of this living earth. She works with music, dance, prayer and environment as access points for this remembering.

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