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Cultural Focus:

India, Gujerat state


Scarves and colourful flowy attire. Maybe bindi on forehead and energy.

About Workshop

There will be a demonstration with music at both dance sessions.

Raas is done in pairs whilst holding sticks called dandia. The dance involves hitting your partner's dandia with your own while following the beat of the music. Again, the most basic version involves repeating 5 simple steps and is very easy to learn. The aim is to hit sticks in time with the entire congregation and make it an ongoing continuous process without breaking the beat and process.

Once we learn these basic steps we will make a routine using all participants in a line or circle to continue the process.

Garba is done solely with claps and a jig with your foot. It is a very large circle and inner circles all moving clockwise with music whilst clapping in tune and skipping on.

We will have music and a live singer too.

Alka Mehta-Graham

Indian Gujerati folk dance


Alka Mehta-Graham

Alka Mehta-Graham is British of Indian descent and is married to a Jamaican and has 2 teenage sons who call themselves “blindian.” She was born an Eastender who has made Bristol her home for her family.

With 25+ years global experience within HR, recruitment & relationship management,
Alka Mehta-Graham is an entrepreneur who specialises in providing a high level of diversity & inclusion advice to clients, small. medium and multi-national. She is renowned for Workforce, Talent Acquisition & Senior Account Management.

Alka is a Royal volunteer and a St John's Ambulance patient advocate. She loves service in silence and is a spiritual caring giver to communities.