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Cultural Focus:

The Bodhrán is the traditional drum of islands of Britain and Ireland. Beyond entertainment it is the ritual and shamanic drum of these islands. The sounds and rhythms go deep into the Celtic consciousness.


About Workshop

The Bodhrán, (pronounced bow-rawn) is the heartbeat of traditional Irish and British folk music. The Bodhrán is a simple wooden hoop with a skin tacked onto one side. It is played with the back of the hand or a stick. Simple though it appears, the Bodhrán is the most versatile of any musical instrument. Indeed, there are more notes on a Bodhrán than on a piano. (Dont believe me? Come along and I'll show you). If you listen to folk music you will soon realise that there are many different rhythms hidden within them. Jig, reel, polka and waltz. Come and learn them all. But it doesn't end there, in the right hands a Bodhrán is equally at home in rock, jazz and reggae. So come and try out this amazing instrument and learn a skill that will not only mesmerise your friends but also give you a lifetime of pleasure. Look out for my meditation and dreaming drum workshops too, elsewhere in the programme.

Alan Drwm

Playing the Bodhrán; the Celtic Drum


Alan Drwm

Alan Drwm is a drum maker, percussionist, meditation drummer and teacher. He has demonstrated traditional and modern Bodhrán drumming styles at all levels, from beginner to semi-professional for half a lifetime. I run the UK Bodhrán festival in North Wales, as well as teaching and demonstrating at Craiceann, the International Summer School in Ireland. For over 20 years he has been the drummer with the Wee Bag Band, (they don't explain the name), playing all over the UK at festivals and celebrations. Beyond that, they have played all over Europe, and the Americas, gigging everywhere from the tropical heat of Honduras to the frozen wastes above the Arctic circle in Greenland.




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