June 21, 2017

Physio Yoga Weave with Lesley Dike

Level Open
Area Movement, Ceremony, and Meditation
What to bring – Yoga matt

Coming to yoga involves a willingness to explore how your body feels in the moment, to notice freedom, tension, and disconnects through a balance of movement, stretching and strengthening. No ‘shoulds’, no comparisons, no interference. These yoga workshops are an opportunity to find out how well you move and where weaknesses, old injuries and bad habits get in the way of normal free movement.  The 21st century with its intense sitting culture and phone fascination have created problems for the human body and yoga is a perfect way to counterbalance these. I am particularly interested in feet, the thoracic spine and the plastic nature of the brain. Through my workshop, I hope you will discover ways to improve your well being for the summer and beyond.

About Lesley

Bodies are my thing!
I have spent years exploring the body through yoga and physiotherapy and still so much to learn!


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