June 13, 2018

Dance of the Revolution: Haitian Dance with Latisha Ceasar-Simmons

Level – Open
Area – Dance
Country – Haiti

This high energy class is based on the rituals, history, and culture of the Caribbean island of Haiti. Students will learn choreography that will tell the story of the Haitian Revolution through dance. The infectious rhythms of Love (Erzuli), Sacrifice (Yanvalou), War ( Nago) and Freedom (Ibo) will energize and liberate your inner rebel. From playful to powerful Haitian dance makes space for you.

About Latisha

Latisha is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer with over 14 years of experience of making dance fun for everyone. As a child of Haitian American descent, born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Latisha has always been immersed in a culture of storytelling, music, and dance.
Latisha studied dance at Lehman College. She continued her studies in dance education at the Dance Education Laboratory and studied Haitian Dance with Peniel Guerrier. Latisha has explored dance from traditional to contemporary from folkloric to experimental. Her current practice is inspired by her Haitian heritage; Cuban, Brazilian, West African culture; and Katherine Dunham technique.

She teaches a weekly class at Hamilton House and runs workshops at various schools around the Southwest. She also taught at WOMAD UK in 2016 and 2017