June 28, 2019

Tabla and Indian Percussion with Kurran Gadhvi

Level – Open to All

Artform – Drums

Culture – India

The essence of the workshop is to showcase the great ancient Indian instrument called the Tabla. We will also bring along other Indian percussion that has derived from the Tabla’s intricate rhythm cycles and been used throughout India’s ancient musical journey. We will embark on the journey learning the history of the tabla, followed by learning the notations (bols) and different sounds that a tabla can make. Once students have got to grips with the sounds, intricate rhythm cycles will be taught to play as a class ensemble. A solo piece will also be taught, for individual performances.
The other Indian percussion instruments will also be performed and taught to students to give a rounded feel to Indian percussion.

About Kurran

My name is Kurran Gadhvi. My family come from generations of Indian musicians dating back hundreds of years. I am a manager and teacher at the London School of Tabla. We teach students ranging from 2–65 years of age. I have held many seminars and workshops around the world, spreading the rich tradition of playing Tabla. Student interaction, playing, performing and learning are all integral to my workshops.