May 27, 2015

African and Caribbean Arts and Crafts with Kulchalee

Area – Kids

These workshops will offer a range of activities, from painting the stonecast models and adinkra block printing on cloth.

The participants will get a better understanding African Caribbean, arts and crafts.

About Kulcha

Kulcha is currently a Windrush project coordinator, working with two international photographer students studying at Gloucester University. They are helping him to interview Caribbean people to record their stories, which will then be presented in an Exhibition in Gloucester Cathedral, Guildhall and Cheltenham Gallery. Kulcha was awarded a Community Excellence Champion in 2006 in Bristol for 25 years service working with young people. He is also a mentor for rehabilitation through art therapy for children who have been excluded from school, working with them 3 to 4 days a week. He also runs a children’s youth club in which he currently has a Greenpeace garden project to get the children taking part in gardening, cooking and other art activities.


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