July 13, 2019

Star Stories Aboard the Pirate Ship! with Kim Brûlée

Area – Kids

Each day we will be telling different stories from around the world with the animal pirate crew of the good ship JUST US – it’s an interactive musical puppet show that you can really become part of! Wear a costume, make a speech, visit the planetarium and see the stars! With stories about global and social justice, how to navigate your more challenging emotions and how to find out how to change the world in a sustainable way that empowers you with your own unique personality – we are all pirates! We all must decide which laws are fair and which laws must be challenged! We will be making star charts and moon maps and stories as well as running other creative workshops after each show.

About Kim

I have been a storyteller and performer for over five years and have been running creative workshops for more than fifteen years – I love exploring stories and cultures from around the world and star stories about the skies as well as helping kids find their own creative voice – whatever shape or form that may take!