June 13, 2018

Body Music with Katherine Sowerby

Level – Open
Area – Dance

From hand claps and stamping feet to extended voice techniques, body music is the oldest form of music making! It is music you can see and dance you can hear. In the workshops we will be exploring the range of sounds that are possible and creating grooves, textures, melodies and harmonies. We will play rhythmic and coordination games, improvise together and work on a few pieces drawing on Brazilian and African influences.

We will collaborate with Camilo’s singing workshop to prepare a piece for the Showcase so please come to all three sessions if you can.

About Katherine

Katherine has worked with music and dance all her life. She trained to a professional level in classical percussion and dance, and fell in love with Brazilian culture and spent 18 years sharing her passion through projects such as Ilu Axé (Bristol and Marseille, founded with Jon Hardeman in 2006), Muleketu (Paris) and Tambores de Liberdade (Salvador and Marseille). She started practicing Body Music in 2007 and worked with the wonderful Barbatuques from São Paulo and had the opportunity to record on the platinum-selling “Music Hole” album with French star Camille. She set up the acapella and body percussion quintet Tchicada in 2016 and teaches workshops across Europe. She composes music for all her groups and loves teaching and working with people. Katherine currently live in Marseille, France.