July 13, 2019

Awenydd (Shaman) Self-Healing with Katherine Creuynni

The shaman of these lands in the UK were and are known by some as the awenydd. Those who dipped and swam in the rivers of inspiration and wisdom (the awen) and brought it back to share. While it may have been lamented that so much of our wisdom has been lost, the awenydd may say it is still here – in the rivers, in the wind, in the land…and in ourselves.
Come enliven your inner awenydd, as these workshops assist you in your accessing the awen – that inner and universal wisdom that we all have the potential to access.

About Katherine

Katherine works as an awenydd and complementary healthcare practitioner. She comes from a depth of training and experience catalysed by working to improve her own health from years of bedbound writhing nerve pain to where she is now. Assisting others from around the world improve their health and wellbeing through Innerwork and bodywork; Katherine blends ancient and more recent practices with the common sense of her own experiences.