July 13, 2019

Mindful Stretch and Play with Kate Penning

Area – Kids and Family

Kate developed 2gether Mindful after running a mindfulness workshop for children that some parents decided to gatecrash! Afterwards there was a surprising amount of praise for having been able to spend some quality, bonding time together.
Mindfulness meditation draws upon the 2,500 year legacy of mindfulness teaching within religious/philosophical traditions including Buddhism. I teach many forms of mindfulness which can be narrowed down to two primary types; formal and informal. Both hold an intention for us to encourage awareness and focus of, for example, our breathing, our senses, our physical sensations and our emotional feelings. When we engage in truly being ‘in the now’ then this is where we really are.
2gether Mindful uses dance, theatre, yoga and mindful exercises; you will practice present moment recognition techniques and learn how to meditate together. Each party can learn to look out for each other, encourage and
remind each other how to be more mindful from a shared understanding.
2gether Mindful makes it easier to bring mindfulness into everyday home-life, eg: brushing teeth, doing the shopping, making beds and sharing an evening meal and provides a partner to share a formal meditation practice with.

About Kate

I trained as an Actor and did this for many years until a chance encounter with a magic man in Paris, who whispered ‘tout les jour en vacance’ in my ear then disappeared. This kick started the years of self discovery that was to follow, training as an energy healer, yoga teacher, life coach and more recently a mindfulness practitioner. ‘Every day is a holiday’ is now an embodied understanding and the addition of being a single mum to a 6 year old daughter has given ample opportunity to put into practice what I have learnt. Mindfulness is a way of life, the understanding of ourselves keeps on growing as we spend more time in the present seeing our hereditary patterns, our parental and societal conditioning and seeing and using our triggers as juicy moments in which to grow rather than react.