June 13, 2018

Indian Rhythm and Kashaka & Konnakol Indian Vocal Percussion with John Sterckx

Indian Rhythm and Kashaka

Level – Intermediate
Area – Drum
Country – India

This workshop introduces the vocal language used by tabla players and also adapts Indian rhythms for use on single skin drums (eg. Djembe). Learn about the beauty & complexity of the Indian rhythmic system – the rhythmic structures, forms of improvisation & formulas for rhythmic composition. No experience of Indian rhythm necessary, but participants should be familiar & confident with their own drum which they will use in the workshop.

Kashaka: Kashaka ( Asalatua/ Cas Cas) are a simple instrument – but are capable of creating highly complex rhythmic patterns and polyrhythms. They are great ‘tool’ for any musician to develop and improve dexterity & rhythmic capabilities and can be used as a warm up before practice and performances. They are also a lot of fun to play and although some of the more advanced moves are quite tricky, they can be used and enjoyed by anyone from primary age to adults. Kashaka are a great way to learn and teach Polyrhythms. They are also wonderful for improving timing and developing coordination. Playing them exercises the wrists & forearms, developing dexterity & supple muscles – an ideal warm up for any musician.

Konnakol Indian Vocal Percussion

Level – Beginner
Area –
Music Making
Country – 

This workshop introduces the vocal percussion language of Konnakol. Konnakol is a language of syllables, used as a tool to vocalise & develop understanding of the structures of rhythms using rhythmic groupings & patterns. Participants learn to use spoken syllables to represent beats, rhythms & phrases. The Konnakol system is not associated with any specific instrument, and once learned, can be applied to any instrument or musical form, making it a very useful tool for all musicians, and especially for drummers & percussionists. It’s also a lot of fun!
No experience or instruments required.

About John

Jon Sterckx is a tabla player & innovative percussionist with over 25 years experience of working with world percussion & World Music.
He studied tabla in UK with Harjinder Singh Matharu and in India with Shivanand Bandhari at the Naadashree Arts Institute in Kumta, Karnataka, and with Kailash Nishad in Benares (Varanasi).
Jon was a selected performer at the National Celebration of British Asian Live Arts in 2008, and his sitar & tabla duo Samswara were voted ‘Best Group in South West & South Wales’ in the MTM South Asian & Ethnic Minorities Awards 2014. Jon has performed twice at TED events, and his performance at TEDxWarwick was selected from over 10,000 TED events globally for the TED Global Music Project.
Jon has delivered Tabla, World Music, Indian Music & World Rhythm workshops to schools, colleges, universities & festivals for over 15 years.
Between 2003-2017 Jon was an Associate Lecturer at the University of Plymouth, teaching modules in Ethnomusicology, World Music & Composition with the BA Music students.