May 26, 2015

Morning Prayer – Medicine Wheel with Jo Elliot

Level – Open
Area – Movement, Ceremony and Meditation

We will explore the morning prayer, which is a teaching in itself as a vehicle for concepts and truth. Also the basic Medicine Wheel. We will then do a few simple exercises which will bring about a direct experience of communication with the energetic world. My hope is to deepen our awareness of our connection and relationship with all that is. We will end each workshop with a circle with the intent of generating clear loving light filled energy directed to helping and healing our planet and all life Very much looking forward to whatever new discoveries will emerge through this process and giving thanks for the opportunity to share in this way.

About Jo

Jo’s deepest learning experiences have come through being a mother and grand mother, trying to live the love she felt every day. Living in an isolated situation without electricity or running water for over 20 years allowed her to live very closely with nature. In her creative practice she is constantly trying to do something that she doesn’t know how she will achieve it. In recent years the different strands of her life have seemed to come together and she has felt how each has fed into and helped the other.



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