May 26, 2015

Morning Circle with Jo Elliot

Jo Elliot

Jo Elliot

Level – Open
Area – Movement, Ceremony and Meditation

The Medicine Wheel is a way in to the energetic world . More subtle and less dense than the physical but consistent and ordered . The first morning we will look at the morning prayer , asking the question ‘what is prayer ?’ The second morning will be around oneness , the meaning of the idea that ‘ we are one ‘, and also division / separation . The third morning I would like to explore ideas around love and fear . This is a sharing so we do n’t know really where it will go or where we will end up but at the moment theses ideas are my intended starting points .

About Jo

I was born with an in built need to live lightly on the earth and a deep respect for life . I lived for many years in a remote wooden house with no running water or electricity surrounded by woods and fields . When I first came across medicine wheel teachings it just made sense to me and took me on the most amazing journey of my life where , in the end , I found something I had always been looking for ; myself. I am also a life long environmentalist and peace activist .



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