July 8, 2015

Ragwaste Collective Crafts with Jen Johnson

These workshops were delivered as part of the Ragwaste Collectives work in India in 2019. The workshops were designed to be therapeutic and reach out to people in rural and isolated communities. More details can be found at : www.ragwaste.com

Prayer Flags
Come and join Jen to make your own unique prayer flag using old sari fabrics to create a textile hanging with meaning and intention. Use embellishments and found items to add to your hanging as well as printing positive affirmations. Take away with you ready to hang in your festival spaces.

Spirit Dolls
Create your own spirit doll based on the ancient ritual traditions used in tribes across the world. Add your own secret message inside the textile doll to give it your own unique meaning.

Dream Catchers
Using waste sari fabrics create your own dream catcher using natural wood frames and textile hangings and feathers. Hang them in the trees or in your own festival space to create colourful dreamy hangings.

This year there will also be new area where you can have a shared creative experience. People can come together and learn a new skill, share an existing skill or just sit and watch others create.
The area will be accessible at all times so you can drop in whenever.
All materials, instructions and examples of work will be provided within the area and you’ll will take ownership of your own creativity and learning.
The focus will be on empowerment, social cohesion and imagination, fully participant led so that the participants become the artists.

Reusing waste textiles will again be the main theme for the co-creative area

About Jen

I am a community artist with a passion for upcycling textiles and reducing the need for textile waste. Over the last 5 years I have been involved with several projects to raise awareness of textile waste and worked closely with local communities to teach new skills in upcycling. I run upcycling workshops from a converted vintage library bus which allows me to reach isolated communities. I love teaching people how to take something old and create something new and purposeful. Our environment is suffering due to extreme levels of textile waste and the consequences of “fast fashion”. My workshops help people rethink how they buy, use and dispose of textiles.

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