May 29, 2019

Experiential Astrology with Ikka Krawczyk

Level Open to All

This open level workshop brings astrology down from the stars, and into the physical body. It gives participants an opportunity to feel the unique influence of the planets, in a way that is absolutely personal to them. Each participant will hold planetary symbols and begin to physically feel their influence, no two the same, all due to the personal alignment in their astrological birth chart.

This astrological tool was developed by Ikka as a means to encourage light-hearted curiosity, as well as a powerful method of therapy. As the curator gently guiding you through the process, she has wowed well respected astrologists, therapists and counsellors with this unique and beautifully crafted method.

About Ikka

Despite being born in the UK, Ikka is full blood Polish. Her parents were evacuated to the UK during the war and her early years were spent in a strict Catholic household. Childhood was spent in church, confirmation, communion, and confession. Struggling to get on in an English speaking School, where her first language was not spoken at all. During her early teenage years, Ikka began to question her faith. Deciding that there must be different answers to the big questions, she started to look at more esoteric ideas. By the age of 15 she had lost her faith completely. She now knew that her way would be an alternative way. In adult life she bucked the trend and became an itinerant worker, following the seasons and toiling the fields. This alternative lifestyle opened the door to alternative ways of Thinking. She became interested in spiritualism, mediumship, tarot reading, and astrology. Spending many years with her head in the clouds to find the answers to the big questions. After many years of esoteric journeys and self discovery, she began to desire something more material, something that would bring the spiritual realm, down into the physical. Keeping her toe dipped in mediumship, tarot reading and astrology, she began to investigate shamanism. After a few years learning from her shaman she began to solidify the idea of a more earthly philosophy. Having followed astrology and noting the influence planets in her own life, alongside a growing understanding of connectivity with mother Earth, she decided to develop a tool that would bring astrology down to the ground. After developing this physical representation of the planets, hand painting each symbol according to it’s attributes, she began testing it on friends and family. After some powerful therapeutic results and positive feedback, she realised she had created something that brought the physical and spiritual together in a way she had longed to do. With accolades from well-respected astrologers, therapists and counsellors a like, she began taking her creation to mind body spirit fairs and well-being festivals. Not wishing to make a living from her creation, merely wishing to help people in need of a different kind of therapy, she came to the fairs in her spare time. Now that she has retired, she is hoping to take her creation to the people as often as possible. For anyone who’s curious, open minded and even for the sceptical, this method has yielded powerful results in many of its uses. Try it for fun, try it for therapy, just try it!