June 21, 2017

Reflexology Made Easy with Holly Jenkins

Holly head shotLevel – Beginners
Area – Healing

Reflexology is a therapy we can all use to stimulate recovery of the mind and body. It can be used anywhere at anytime and a wonderful way to help those you care about…..
There is evidence of foot and hand therapy being practised in China and Egypt as early as 4000BC . Modern Reflexology was discovered by Dr William Fitzgerald (USA) in 1915 and is based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet linked to every body part. Working over these points promotes better health in a holistic way.
In my workshops you will learn the basic principles of Reflexology and ways to treat ailments we all encounter in life. Help others to overcome the common cold and relieve the mind of stress. Maybe someone just needs a little help getting to sleep. Come with a partner or share this experience with someone new. Either way get ready to put your feet up and make a difference.

About Holly

Holly is a recently qualified Complementary therapist, ready to teach the art of rubbing feet!

Holly is very passionate about complementary therapies and making them easy to use. Reflexology is a great skill to have and use anywhere! Encouraging younger generations to apply Reflexology in times of illness not only promotes healthy medication free recovery, it helps create stronger communication skills that can help an individual in all paths of life.

She is currently a student of Complementary Therapies at the City of Bristol college and qualifies at the beginning of July this year. Holly thoroughly enjoys learning and the classroom environment is nothing but a joy for her. She has known about Tribe of Doris for many years and was planning to volunteer as a steward, however as this festival is all about learning and sharing she took  the opportunity to add to the festival in a more dynamic way.

Being fresh from the classroom will be a big plus for Holly, her tutor leads very concise and organised lessons. During the year they have written and performed presentations and has gained experience of public speaking to a crowd of up to a 100 (people of all ages). It sounds like one can get so much out of the Doris experience, and would love the opportunity to put something in too.

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