July 12, 2019

Journey to Zero-Waste with Grace Hull


“A practical, inclusive and thought-provoking workshops to help you gain the tools to live and work sustainably.

In this workshop we will kick start your journey to zero-waste and inspire you with tips and tricks, and learn about important current environmental issues.

We will demystify the concept of ‘zero-waste’ and discuss:

What is ‘zero-waste’?

Is it achievable?

Is it inclusive?

How to reclaim our personal agency in a complex world.

Come and join us to kick-start your journey, or to get re-inspired if you’ve fallen off the wagon!”

About Grace

My career has been in Social Justice and Environmental Education, running workshops and projects for various ages all around London. After feeling disenchanted with the bureaucracy and funding cuts of many institutions, I decided to create Earth For All to operate within the themes of holistic sustainability, inclusiveness and Climate Justice – issues which I believe are core parts of any discussion on Climate Change.

I take such joy in encouraging people of all ages to reclaim their personal agency, and teaching them the value of the changes they can make in their lives. Big or small – these are important, and all make a difference.