April 17, 2017

Soundbath Healing with Gail Stewart

Level – Open
Area – Healing

You are invited to experience the benefits of a sound bath with the great gongs, including the newly commissioned Art Tantra gong, also solfeggio pipes, singing bowls,drums, strings etc to luxuriate and pamper your mind, body and spirit. The transcendent dance of their interwoven harmonious sounds and rhythmic vibrations often magically and beneficially transform the listener on many levels. Please bring something to lie on to be comfortable!

About Gail

Gail is  a trained adult and children’s nurse, a counsellor, Biodanza teacher and sound healer and has been singing since the age of 5 initially  taught by her father.  Over the last 4 years has  been introduced to the great gongs, crystal bowls pipes strings drums etc!   She now does sound healing baths where people lie down and just relax! It is like a massage of sound.

Most people experience a deep state of relaxation and altered states of consciousness and some fall asleep!

You will feel relaxed and re-tuned. Much scientific research has gone into the use of sound and healing benefits these days, although its use is thousands of years old!

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