July 13, 2017

The Pirates Patch and Sounds of Doris with Frida Gibbons

The True Story Of The Pirates Patch

Level – Kids

We will learn that pirates used their patches to see in the dark, and the kids will get to try out their magic night vision eyes in the planetarium I will bring to stargaze in and learn some constellations. Along the way they will meet a merry band of animal pirates from all over the world who will teach them songs, different languages and history, geography and science, and will encourage them to participate in the open democracy of the pirate ship – where will we go and what will we do? Will we go to Africa with Mama Unicorn the rhino and save her kind from the poachers? Or will we choose to sail West to Haiti with the pigeon Parrots to help Toucan Overture lead the slave revolution? The choice will be up to the audience.

Sounds Of Doris Sampler

Level – Youth

We’ll be using a zoom recording device to take whatever samples our ears find from our surroundings – it could be vocal samples, drumming samples, instrument samples or the sounds of the birds in the trees! We can make and record whatever soundbites take our fancy and then put them through a sampler so we can play around with jamming music from the samples we’ve collected.

About Frida

Kim has always loved singing songs and telling stories. When her little boy was diagnosed with a lazy eye and had to wear a patch, She found out so much about pirates and how they had been misrepresented, which led her to want to tell all the misrepresented histories of our world. She has been performing, protesting, writing, drawing and singing for years, and finally, all these deep loves of hers have found a common resting place – in an interactive puppet show! Kim has performed the show 25 times to date at: St Georges Library, St Paul’s Adventure Playground, Elmfield School for deaf children, Tribe of Doris last year, Hedge-U-Cation Festival, and private parties and events.


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