March 19, 2019

Food Stalls

The Tribal Bar and Convenience Stall


The Store Counter will be open 10am til late each day offering; fresh bread, milk & alternatives; fruit veg and useful sundries. Our new range of branded T-shirts; Hoodies and reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottles will also be available to purchase.

The Bar Counter will be open daily 12 noon to 2.30pm and re-open 6pm til late serving a selection Wines; Cider, Beer and Spirits. We accept Cash or Card.

Pizza Dreams

Pizza of Dreams, the home of Mobile, Artisan, Wood Fired Pizza.
Imagine fresh dough stretched in front of you, your choice of quality ingredients on top. The smell of the wood fire in our traditional clay ovens as your Pizza is bubbled and sizzled to perfection. And your amazement as just 90 seconds later, probably the freshest and best tasting Wood Fired Pizza you have ever had emerges from our vintage Pizza trailer to delight your tastebuds!

Sunbeams Juice Bar











Sunbeams is a beautiful, oak lined, solar powered
Juice Bar, crafted from an old horse trailer by ourselves, James, Lullu and daughter Ruby.
We believe in creating beautiful, colourful and exquisite delights that taste divine while improving health and vitality.
We serve the finest cold pressed juices, smoothies, raw cakes, chocolates and pralines. All handmade by ourselves, using only organic ingredients all our creations are dairy, refined sugar and gluten free.
We are great believers in the incredible healing and life enhancing powers of freshly made juice as well as the virtues of healthy living and renewable energy.
We run our business with this in our hearts and therefore use only fully compostable cups and packaging, try to avoid all types of plastic wherever possible and we are proud to be powered by the suns golden rays!

The Cake Hole

Made with top quality ingredients (organic and fair trade wherever they can), free range eggs and as much fresh British produce as possible, their cakes are seriously good. To avoid palm oil, the Cake Hole team are using cold pressed oil seed rape grown in Cambridge. Even their spelt flour is organic, and grown at Sharpham Park.

Wholesome and healthy with their gluten-free and vegan options – the cakewhole serve up a range of fantastic tasting traditional cakes with a modren twist – high on taste and ethics too. The Cake Hole will be serving teas and fresh coffees with dairy and non diary milks to quench your thirst.

The Tribal Feast – Friday 9th August 7.30pm 

Join us for a decadent Feast of three sumptuous hot courses in one of the beautiful rooms of Stanford Hall. A proper sit down affair with entertainment, great food with vegetarian and vegan options – plus drinks see the menu here . This is a ticket only meal and best booked online to secure a place.


Belgium Fries & Snacks

Real Belgium Fries Offer golden fried Chips with a selection of sauces.

100% Vegan Colour full and attractive stall selling west African food with traditional recipes from Benin. With ‘Yovodoko’ dumplings which you can find everywhere in the streets of Cotonou; Afrokokodji are about diffusing Beninese culture as much as flavours. The ‘Snacky Dumpling’ Sourdough is a reference to The Temple dedicated to the python in Ouidah Benin.
Coordinated taste; from a lively, bright stall and team to a rainbow of fresh veg(Good for the brain) and subtle showering of spices. The food of Afrikokodji Benin Bronzes is Balanced by multiple culinary influences from chef Setondji and fellow cooking partners. Benin culture goes global- you’ll be experiencing a sweet journey with memories from South America and Caribbean islands, India and Thailand.
Real research for good healthy products (all flours used are local and from organic origin) and ways of providing a complete meal snack or sweet treat full of good nutrients.
Peaceful and elegant, the wood framed stall allows customers to come closer and read info about the dishes, making the experience unique in terms of its educative aspect.
Our set up is bain-marie to keep our stews at the correct temperature, a fryer, a hot plate. gas bottle and certified burners. We have a fire extinguisher, and all our fabric has been fire treated. Resident recycling expert Ella Freshty navigates a low waste approach. Afrokokodji are committed to sustainable vegan food and all packaging is biodegradable and kept to a minimum.

Sugar Loaf Rum Shack

Let the tantalising flavours from far off Caribbean Islands warm your cockles, soothe your nerves, ease your joints and make you smile.  At this years Rum Shack we will be serving fine and varied Rums from the Islands of Cuba, Barbados, St. Lucia and the very latest new Rums from Jamaica.  Our mixes will be usual juices plus our popular specialities ‘mango and chilli’ and ‘mojito’ style with fresh mint and lime. In addition, this year’s ‘Wellness Warrior’ will be serving powerful herb, root and bark infusions to ease sore throats, aid blood cleansing, assist with Women’s pains and improve virility (ahem!) amongst other tings.  He is also serving up a hot roots tea of a night time.  Wine, Beer and Cider are also on offer. The shack will be full of Reggae, Soca and African vibes as usual and our outside fire will be there to drum around. The Rum Shack will open at 18:00