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  • Can I get a refund?
    Yes, If we are required by COVID-19 government guidance or restrictions to cancel or postpone the event, you will be offered a transfer or full refund excluding booking fee. Please note, refunds will be made to the original payment method.
  • Will the workshops go ahead as normal?
    Yes. We are taking the utmost care to ensure that we can give you the best experience possible whilst keeping you safe in light of the current situation. This includes keeping a close eye on government guidance and restrictions, however our workshops will go ahead as normal.
  • Will it be safe?
    We are taking the utmost care to ensure that we can give you the best experience possible whilst keeping you safe in light of the current situation.
  • Will it be different to last the festival?
    There will be some changes this year due to the ever-changing Covid regulations, including fewer people onsite, however we will keep you informed along the way and we assure you it will still be Doris!
  • When and where is Tribe of Doris Festival 2022?
    The festival will take place between Weds 3rd August - Sunday 7th August 2022, at Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH.
  • How long is the event?
    5 days. Weds 3th August - Sunday 7th August 2021
  • When can I arrive on site?
    Gate opening times tbc, please check back at a later date.
  • When can I leave the site?
    This will depend on any Covid restrictions we will have in place. Throughout the festival, you will need to stick to gate opening and closing times.
  • Do you have to attend the whole event?
    The choice is yours! You can choose from our 5 day ticket, weekend ticket or our day tickets!
  • Is the event family friendly?
    Yes, Tribe of Doris is all about family, we welcome you and yours to join ours!
  • Can children attend?
    Yes, we have infant tickets, child tickets and teen tickets! Please note that any individual under 14 will need to be accompanied by an adult 20+
  • Can I come on my own?
    You absolutely can! You’ll make plenty of friends!
  • How old do I need to be to come on my own?
  • Am I too old to come?
    Not at all, you’re never too old! We have a wide variety of ages at Doris, come along and see for yourself!
  • Do you offer phone charging facilities?
    There is a phone charging point costing £1 per charge at HQ which is open until 10pm. You will need to collect your phone when HQ is open. Uncollected phones will be stored in a secure facility overnight.
  • Can I bring my pets?
    No. Unfortunately, with the exception of working guide dogs, we cannot allow pets onsite. No guide dogs in training.
  • Do I have to take part in all the workshops?
    No, you can choose your own path, make your own plan, and take part in as little or as much as you’d like.
  • What difficulty level are the workshops?
    All abilities are welcome! We have something for everyone! The level of workshops are highlighted in our festival programme. The festival programme will be released on our website a few weeks before the festival.
  • What time do workshops start and end?
    Our first workshops start at 8am and finish at different times each night. You can find more info in our festival programme. The festival programme will be released on our website a few weeks before the festival.
  • Is there time to relax?
    There is! We have made sure we have put aside time to unwind and just ‘be’.
  • What will I need to bring?
    • Tickets • Sleeping bag • Warm blankets • Hot water bottle • Wellies • Waterproof clothing in case of rain • Plenty of warm clothing, it can get very cold at night • Dancing clothes • Party/performance clothes • Colourful clothes for the Opening Ceremony • White clothes for the Closing Ceremony • Towels • Drum (you can also hire) • Yoga mat • Some workshops require other equipment. Please check teacher profile on the website for more details • Earth-friendly toiletries • Sun cream • Hardwearing plate, bowl, cup and water bottle • Phone/camera & chargers • Cash • Loo roll • Torch • Fireside stories • Instruments for campfire songs
  • Is it a crowded event?
    No, Stanford Hall is surrounded by 700 acres of private park and woodland. And although our festival only takes up a small chunk of that, we are comfortably spread out. You’ll never feel too crowded!
  • Will there be a map?
    You can buy a map on site which is found in the programme. The festival programme will be released on our website a few weeks before the festival.
  • Can I smoke?
    Yes, you can smoke outdoors in most places, though we do have some smoke-free areas including Kids/youth areas, Stanford Hall itself and inside the workshop tents.
  • Is there wifi access?
    No, we try to encourage everyone to take a break from screens.
  • I want to get involved with the crew! How can I do this?
    There will be lots ways of getting invloved including Working Tickets, Artists and Stalls. Please keep an eye on the website for further information.
  • What's Tribe of Doris’ policy on drugs?
    Tribe of Doris do not tolerate the use of illegal substances. There are lots of natural highs all around!
  • What facilities do you have on site?
    We have a sauna (covid-allowing), so bring your swimwear! This will be an additional cost. We have an on-site tuck shop with all your basic provisions. Bring cash, as our contactless signal can be temperamental.
  • How much do tickets cost?
    Ticket prices will be released soon
  • What do the tickets include?
    This will depend on the type of ticket you have. Ticket information will be released soon
  • What do I do if I have a ticket from last year?
    You should have received an email from us confirming your ticket has been transferred over to this year. If you haven't received this email, please contact If you did receive the email, make sure you bring last year’s ticket along with you!
  • Can I buy working tickets?
    Working ticket info will be released soon
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We do! We will publish these when ticket prices are released.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No, tickets are non-refundable unless the organisation cancels the event, or unless the event is moved to another date which prohibits you from attending. In the event of cancellation, the full value of the ticket, minus any booking fees, will be refunded to your original payment method. We are unable to refund alternative accounts.
  • Can I book for others?
    Yes, please make sure all attendees have the booking information for check-in.
  • How many tickets can I buy in one transaction?
  • Are there any booking fees on top of the ticket fee?
    The total price of the ticket includes a 7% booking fee.
  • Do I need to print my ticket?
    Please make sure you have your ticket information including name, booking confirmation number and barcode ready at the gate. This can be shown to us on a mobile device.
  • I’ve found a ticket on a third-party seller or exchange site and the seller has agreed to change the name, is that alright?"
    We do not accept reselling on any 3rd party platform.
  • I haven't received my booking confirmation and/or e-ticket, what do I do?"
    Please emails us here -
  • I bought a ticket for a friend, but now they cannot attend, can I change the name on the ticket?"
    Yes, you will need to inform us by email of the name change and we will update this for you before you arrive on site. Please email
  • What if the name on the ticket is different to the person attending?
    As long as the person who booked has informed us of the name of the attendee, you’ll be fine! Please note, in the event of cancellation we can only refund back to the original payment method.
  • Do I need to bring proof or ID?
    If you have been blessed with youthful looks, and look younger than the challenge age of 21, please bring ID, you’ll need it for the bar!
  • What are the accommodation options?
    You will be able to bring your own tent or choose from our luxury camping upgrades. We have many for you to choose from! Accomodation info coming soon.
  • Is camping free?
    If you are bringing your own tent, camping is free. If you wish to stay in our pre-pitch glamping tents, or a room, these will be at an additional cost and you will need to book.
  • Do you have quiet camping?
    For those who go to bed early or are sensitive to noise, we do have a quieter camping area. Please note that it’s impossible to have complete silence. This is an outdoor camp, on a small site and we are near a motorway with merry people so it’s “quieter camping”, not quiet camping.
  • Are there public showers?
    There are unisex toilets in each camping area as well as showers in loud camping. They will be cleaned and serviced over the daily 5 days. Bring loo roll!
  • Can I bring my own tent?
    Yes, of course!
  • Can I sleep in my car?
    No, but you can park your car in our car park. To park your car, you will need to buy a car pass. To purchase a car pass, please click here
  • Can I bring a live-in vehicle?
    You can indeed! You will need to purchase a live-in vehicle pass.
  • Do you have accessible camping?
    Accessible camping is located near access to accessible toilet and shower facilities. Ask for the location on your arrival at the gate. For more detailed information about accessibility, please contact
  • Do you have pre-pitched Camping?
    We have beautiful pre-pitched bells tents that you can hire. We will release this info soon
  • Can I have a bonfire?
    • Any campfires in the campsite must be raised off the ground in fire dishes. There are communal fires around the site that will be lit at night. • Please refrain from bringing your own firewood. Stanford Hall has had issues with nails and screws from recycled firewood harming their equipment, so we are being extremely cautious to ensure this doesn’t happen again. You will be able to buy firewood at the on site shop. • Please be vigilant around fires, especially those in the campsites. Tents are extremely flammable so make sure fires are lit at least 2m away from tents and 3m from live-in vehicles. Spacing tents a few meters away from each other will help to prevent fires from spreading. Never leave a fire unattended and never light a fire or a naked flame (even tealights) inside a tent! • There are clearly-signed fire points in each campsite with water tanks and buckets.
  • How do I get to Tribe of Doris festival?
    RAIL: The closest station is Rugby. 1 hour from London, 2 hours from Bristol, 35 minutes from Birmingham, 2 hours from Manchester, 2 hours 45 minutes from York. Please check the latest government travel advice. CAR: It's always best to check your route on a sat nav or Google maps for accurate directions and ETA. From Bristol (2 hours 10 mins) From Birmingham (1 hour) From London (2 hours) From York (2 hours 15 mins) From Manchester (2 hours 30 mins) TAXI: RUGBY TAXI: Taxi fare Approx £25 from Rugby Station Dial-A-Cab 01788 570202 People Express 01788 561000
  • Do I need a car parking pass?
    If you are driving to the festival and need to park your car, then you will need to buy a car pass. You can purchase these once tickets are released.
  • What is a car pass?
    A car pass is a permit that allows you to park your vehicle off-site in the car park.
  • What is a live-in pass?
    A live-in pass permits you to camp inside your vehicle. You cannot buy live-in passes for cars. The live-in passes are only valid for live-in vehicles e.g, caravans, motorhomes, campervans.
  • How do I book a car or live-in pass?
    You can book your live-in vehicle pass along with you ticket once these are released
  • Can I drive to Tribe of Doris?
    Yes, but you car must stay in our off-site car park.
  • What time can I stay on site until?
    If you have purchased a day pass, you can stay onsite until the gates close. Gate closing times TBC.
  • Will there be medical care available?
    There is a first aid point near HQ open from 10:00-22:00 everyday. We have a trained First Aider on call all night. EMERGENCIES. In case of a serious emergency report to HQ/the nearest festival personnel or call the emergency line at night (number TBC).
  • Do you have provisions for mental health needs?
    If you’re ever in need of a listening ear our wellbeing team will be there for a chat. They can signpost you to further help.
  • Is Tribe of Doris festival suitable for me if I’m a wheelchair user?
    Our festival takes place mostly outdoors on grass and is situated across multiple levels. Stanford Hall has stairs leading up to one of the workshop venues. Accessible camping is located near to accessible toilet and shower facilities. Ask for the location on your arrival at the gate. We will have extra facilities on site to make access easier. Please contact us for further details and support at
  • What food and drink will be available?
    There are many on site food stalls along with our onsite bar. Please see our information pack for more details.
  • Do you serve alcohol?
    You can buy alcohol from our on site bar.
  • Do you cater for all dietary requirements?
    Our food stalls will provide a whole range of options including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options, but please feel free to bring your own food, as some stalls may offer a limited menu. If you have allergies, please make sure you inform the vendors before ordering.
  • Do you use single-use  plastics?
    We are very serious about protecting our planet! We do not sell plastic bottles on site, and where possible we use and encourage plastic-free alternatives. We also encourage you to bring your own refillable bottles. Depending on circumstances, we may put extra measures in place to make water refill points contactless.
  • Can you bring your own food?
    Yes, though we will have lots of delicious food available.
  • Are there any appliances to cook your own food with?
    We do not provide any cooking appliances but feel free to bring a camping stove etc.
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