June 21, 2017

Mama Luna – Sister’s Steaming Circle with Emma Ako

Level Open
Area Healing
NOTE: Women and Girls 12+ only.

Enter the sacred circle of Sisterhood to learn about the ancient, natural health practice that is womb Steaming. A gentle yet powerful way to cleanse, rejuvenate and connect once again with your womb for many uses i.e. menstruation, fertility, fibroids, etc using a selection of naturally grown herbs. All this in a safe, non-judgmental space for women and girls only so come with all your questions, concerns and wisdom…

Womb steaming is a great way to reconnect with your most sacred centre and reclaim vital, yet lost, knowledge that keeps us centred, healthy and in tune with ourselves. This workshop will also include womb anatomy and movement, learning about herbs and their uses, the importance of sister circles and creating our very own altar so feel free to bring an object that is sacred to you.

Please note: you will not be able to steam if you have a coil/UID, are pregnant or on your cycle.

About Emma

Emma Ako is a Bristol-based creative practitioner, avid natural health enthusiast and keen steamer! She began her journey into womb health in 2014 after coming across Queen Afua’s book ‘Sacred Woman’ and is loving every moment of it as she found that this put her in charge of her own health and created a better relationship with her body. Emma uses her creativity to solve problems and provide solutions which is how Mama Luna was born; she couldn’t afford a steam seat so made one (what til you hear what out of!) and has gone on to use Mama Luna as a platform for women to have open and honest conversations about our womb health and her favourite….EMPOWERMENT!

Since 2016 Emma has gone on to study the properties of herbs bit by bit as well as experimenting with them in her own womb steaming practice.



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