June 13, 2018

Resonance – A Life-sustaining Future with Emily Malik

Level – Open
Area – Movement, Ceremony, and Meditation
Country – United Kingdom

“The ecological issues of our time resonate in our minds and bodies, whether we take them in at an intellectual, practical or spiritual level, or even if we shut them out as much as humanly possible. They resonate because we are instinctively aware at a deeper level that our lives depend on the healthy functioning of the biosphere.

Explore how we deal with our awareness of climate change or wider ecological issues, the psychological impact of this knowledge and our individual / collective ability to respond. Through this process, we discover our own unique gifts to affect the deeper narrative of which we are part, which is a necessary part to overcoming a sense of helplessness in the face of planetary crisis.”

About Emily

“I am excited about Resonance because, while we have the ability to solve our environmental crises, we consistently fail to do so. The inner transition that we all need to make to free ourselves from corporate control and play our role in creating the future we hope for, is a transition which is we usually don’t have time for in our busy lives. In the workshops at Tribe of Doris I will offer tasters of the steps in our Resonance course. These allow us to appreciate what we have, honor our painful feelings, see our strengths and become ready to act. You will feel connected to your living world, as is your ancestral birthright.”

A Biologist, Environmentalist and social entrepreneur, Emily is passionate about EcoWild’s work in health, education, and community engagement and particularly by wellbeing as facilitated by reconnection to the natural world. She has practiced yoga for over 20 years, sings with an acapella group, plays the guitar and piano and meditates daily. Also experienced in HIV Community Support Services, Project Coordination in Tropical Health Education, Conservation research and logistics.”