May 26, 2015

Earth Dances with Denise Rowe Chinyere

Level – Open
Cultural Focus – Zimbabwe

Earth Dances is an invitation to embrace our fullness, join together as one tribe, and raise a vibration of gratitude for the gift of life!

Join us on a journey through the fertile grounds of embodied movement, rhythm and Zimbabwean mbira dances and songs to create a rich cooking pot of community and celebration.

We are moving breathing beings, part of the rich tapestry of life. Our lives are affected by all that is. We belong. And each of our lives is a unique expression, a unique opportunity. Dance is the body’s way of exploring and expressing the uniqueness of each human extraordinary manifestation. Dance is the body’s way of witnessing the mystery form the inside.

Here, embracing the unique medicine we bring, we are able to offer and to receive, and to celebrate our being alive as part of this magnificent earth!

When we dance, the Earth dances in celebration of herself, and we open a doorway for the greater truth of who we really are to come and claim us.

About Denise

Denise Rowe is passionate about the power of dance and movement to unlock the potency of who we really are. She has over fifteen years experience in creating and holding safe spaces for powerful transformation.

Denise’s work has evolved out of many years practice, performance and facilitation around the world, including extensive participation in Zimbabwean mbira ceremonies and training in embodied movement, contemporary dance, pan African dance, Shiatsu, Aikido and with European shamanic traditions.

Formerly principle dancer with Baka Beyond, Denise is co-founder, lead dancer and musician with Ombiviolum, and has performed with Hamana, Sakoba and Ballet Nimba among others. Denise also works as a solo artist on various cross-genre collaborative projects and has recently received Arts Council funding to develop a new piece of work, Enter the Circle.

Denise is associate lecturer in dance at University of Plymouth and has been developing ‘Earth Dances’ since 2010, offering an extensive programme of workshops, courses and retreats over the year, including Foot to Earth Dance Camp, The Bridge Immersive Journey and Heart of the Dance retreat in rural Zimbabwe.

Earth Dances is the place in which Denise draws together the threads of her rich experience, to weave a tapestry of embodiment, rhythm and thanksgiving.

In 2012 Denise was awarded an ADAD Trailblazers Champions bursary in recognition of her work in the field of Dance of the African Diaspora.


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