July 13, 2019

1000 Petaled ‘Human’ Lotus Yoga Mandala with Deasy Bamford

I have been working for a few months on this project to co create five minutes of beauty, taking inspiration from the lotus that rises from the muddy waters and its unfolding. Beautiful music from WAH will accompany a yoga dance that you will have learnt either from the online video or from the 2 workshops at Tribe Of Doris . There will also be an opportunity to perform this at Shambala festival and culminating on International World Peace day in Bristol on the 21st September 2019 to attempt setting the world record.

About Deasy

Deasy has been practising Yoga for 10 years now and became a Yoga teacher in 2017. Attending a regular class taught in a mandala circle, she “knew” that this could blossom into a beautiful large group yoga experience. She included the idea in an Arts Council application to develop her own creative practice and this is step one in realising the project.