July 13, 2019

Bushcraft Skills with Dave Watson

Area – Youth

Using forked sticks and flexible lengths of twig you will make a variety of clever gadgets that can hang a pot over a fire so that it is adjustable to match the heat. After this we will work in teams to create fire using an adapted bow drill set. From making fire you will establish the fire and boil the water in a pot using the pot hanger.

About Dave

I have been involved in many developments of Bushcraft over the years and I instigated the Bushcraft side of the Institute for Outdoor Learning in 2007. From this we developed the Bushcraft Competency Certificate which is widely used in Outdoor Centres. I will always aim to engage with my clients in whatever appropriate way available to me. My skills and knowledge allows me to adapt to peoples level of understanding or concentration at the drop of a hat and my simple sense of humor tends to win people over one way or another.