April 17, 2017

Sacred Geometry with Colin Power & Heike Bielek


Get into the Art of Sacred Geometry. Explore the wonderful world of Metaphysics, through the creation of beautiful mandalas, fractals, and geometric images. This workshop provides a great introduction into Sacred Geometry aimed at inspiring thought towards the metaphysical view of consciousness. After spending three years in India learning about this Sacred Art, Colin Power and Dr Heike Bielek are coming to the UK to share a metaphysical perspective that unifies the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks with the philosophies of the East. Whilst away in India they have been running successful workshops as ‘In 2 Infinity’, a platform designed to promote Sacred Geometry and the Metaphysical perspective. Through this they have prepared a whole set of geometric delights, simple enough for anyone to accomplish, and beautiful enough to hang on your wall.



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