June 21, 2017

Beyond Samba! with Claudio Kron do Brazil

claudio 3Claudio Kron is a passionate workshop leader whose natural vibrancy and authentic knowledge of Brazilian rhythmic traditions leads to an exhilarating shared experience. Regardless of age or ability participants will be encouraged to collaborate and to develop confidence in the rhythms that are taught, whilst enjoying the sense of togetherness which drumming in a focused group creates. With his own enigmatic style and enormous energy Claudio will guide you through the intricacies of Brazilian rhythm, sharing experiences of his native Brazil and having a good laugh along the way. Participants will explore Samba Reggae, Baiao, Ijexa and there will also be the opportunity to make a more in depth study of other types of rhythm encountered in Brazil. Workshops will culminate with a carnival style exuberant finale sure to be remembered and enjoyed by all.

About Claudio

Originating from Brazil with 100 years of experience, Claudio Kron brings the spirit of Bahia back to Doris. Get ready to smile.Samba reggae, Baiao, Ijexa ,…bang those drums , surdos at the ready.

Born in Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil Claudio Kron’s formative years were spent studying Brazilian music and touring the country with a variety of different bands. 

 The experience gained during this period was crucial and served to consolidate and extend his wide knowledge of Brazilian rhythms. In 1997 he arrived in the U.K and has since worked tirelessly to promote Brazilian music and culture. 

 The UK has provided a platform to teach and perform Brazilian music and he has created many projects such as Leeds Percussion Orchestra, many community Samba band , Alldrum AllDance, Papajaca band and Funkafro to name but a few. In 2002 he set up the successful company Drumming4Business -a company dedicated to making Brazilian culture accessible to all through high calibre workshops ,performances and events. Drumming4Business is now due to celebrate its 10th year.

Claudio has performed and taught percussion at festivals and events throughout the UK and beyond + Trinidad , South Korea and also to Ghana to share his passion for Brazilian rhythm. Along with his team of trained musicians, dancers and artists at Drumming4Business Claudio has led workshops in schools, colleges, universities and has organised presentations, performances and events of a consistently high standard.


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