May 26, 2015

Zimbabwean Song & M’bira with Cecilia Ndlovu-Edwards


Level – Open
Area – Song
Country –  Zimbabwe

These workshops offer a chance to learn and sing songs from Zimbabwe. Focused around traditional Ndebele and Shona social singing. Coming together and singing socially plays a big part of Zimbabwean life and has always been a way to form bonds between people. These workshops will give you the chance to learn and sing songs in the languages of Zimbabwe. Cecilia will lead you and guide you with her mbira through the melodies and words to a handful of songs that are sure to stay with you throughout the year. The workshops will suit singers of any standard and are open to everyone.

About Cecilia

Cecilia Ndhlovu was born in the city of Kings in Bulawayo Zimbabwe, she has been a professional musician since an early age and has recorded with Zimbabwean famous artists like Oliver Mtukudzi, toured around the world during the time she worked as a backing singer to many countries including covering 33 states in the USA. Now based in the UK Cecilia continues to perform and share her heritage and cultural experiences around the country.


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