July 17, 2016

Sacred Community Fires with Carole & Adil


Level – Open
Area – Ceremony

The sacred fire – the sacred waters – the sacred earth etc are all things that people take for granted in the modern world but they have a life force and when we connect with the elements we feel at peace . No longer isolated from you’re own spirit then that of the divine; as life is so painful we lose parts of ourselves, along the way at childhood etc trauma at any time. Being in nature connects us back to those lost parts.The Houciol elders gave this ritual to the world so people could live again in community around a fire giving support and love to each other. The Ritual has never changed – you go around the fire anti-clock wise 5 times , on each round you put an offering in 4 and the last round is just for the fire. These offerings are your individual prayers and concerns and desires, witnessed by each other. When you leave which you can do at any time you put a stick in the fire to close yourself down and give thanks. There are no agendas; what comes up around the fire comes up. you can bring songs, instruments, writings and your lovely selves PLUS CHOCOLATE. The fire loves chocolate.

About Carole

Carole is an elemental medicine woman (trained and studied in many healing modalities and spiritual cultural faiths. She was initiated into plant spirit medicine and in Mexico; as a Fire Keeper. She made a commitment for life that once a month she would hold a sacred fire which means she has made a commitment to care for humanity. To believe that love and compassion can overcome pain, greed, hate etc. Teaching people by experiential ways that they have the power to change the world and to identify how their own negative thoughts can effect the world around us. `like a spiritual Eco recycling system. If we all take responsibility for what we can do – it makes a hugh impact on life and the vibrations of the cosmic global consciousness of good and positivity. Carole is also and intuitional therapist who helps people come back to their passions.

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