May 26, 2015

Songs from Latin America & Other Corners of the World with Camilo Menjura

Level – Open
Area – Song

This workshop -open to everyone-, will offer you a space to sing out loud in different languages, discover beautiful songs, rhythms, and harmonies from different corners of the world. We will visit traditional pieces from Latin America and will also be singing some tunes from other places.

You will find yourself singing a heart felt Argentinian ‘Zamba’, a lullaby from Venezuela, a ‘Cha Cha’ from Cuba, a ‘Bullerengue’ from Colombia, as well as a South African tune about missing your motherland, a flirting Russian sounding short tune, etc.

The joy of group singing is something every single person should experience, and this workshop is designed to make everyone feel it and at the same time, produce a beautiful sound, explore the possibilities of our voices and allow the sound of the music to take us to places we may have never visited before.

All songs will be taught by ear & the lyrics will be provided. Only requests: willingness to sing, smile and say yes to the challenge of singing unknown beautiful (and sometimes challenging) tunes.

WARNING: ***The songs will stay in your head for years, and hopefully they will bring a smile to your face. Come and join us!

Along the three sessions we’ll work on a piece that will be performed together with the Body Music group on the showcase night. Come along it will be fun!!!

About Camilo

A versatile, award winning musician, Camilo Menjura is a Colombian singer, guitarist and choir leader based in London. He started singing and playing the guitar from an early age. After some years of Music & Classical Guitar guitar studies in his hometown Bogotá, he continued with his music career in London where he moved in 2006.

Since then he has nurtured his musicianship with studies in production, arranging, music direction and choral music. Apart from guitar he plays several other instruments from South America such as Tiple, Cuatro and Charango, and also a little bit of Quena (flute). In 2012 he started the London Colombian Choir and worked with them for two consecutive years. Now he runs the LOLCHOIR (Landscapes of Latin-America Choir), the SOAS University World Music Choir as well as other singing ensembles.

Since 2008, Camilo has combined his skills as a guitarist, performer and workshop leading, bringing him to be part of numerous festivals and stages in the UK, as well as Holland, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Mali, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

His guitar playing has been featured in TV Series, The Fixer, on ITV, the Scottish film ‘Donkeys’ and the documentary ‘Winds of Change’.

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