July 13, 2017

Wing It and Sing It with Brook Tate

Level – Open
Area – Youth, Kids
Country – United Kingdom

A class for anyone with the confidence to make a noise. Singing together and harmonising with a fellow human is a wonderful thing, and experiencing the evolution of a song can be so exciting. Starting with one note we can build a whole song off the cuff and see where it takes us. If you only want to stand and sing one note you’re more than welcome to join us, or if you have the urge to sing loud and proud on your own there will no doubt be room in the air for that too. Bring poems or stories or just the courage to improvise! Mozart started with just one note…so can we.

About Brook

My name is Brook Tate and I have been making ‘stuff’ for quite a few years now. I have been writing music in Bristol for the past few years and perform original work with a band of five pals. I am a portrait painter and illustrator and I have written a few children’s books, one of which I am now developing into a musical with The Bristol Old Vic Theatre. I believe that most people can do most things if they have the time, help and confidence.



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