May 26, 2019

Wild Voices with Bethan and Katya

Level – Open to All
Area – Song
Culture – Wales and Slovakia

Bethan and Katya will start by creating a fertile ground; a series of vocal exercises and techniques that de-armour, liberate, and unleash. As the body shakes off tension and uncloaks stress, we discover the moment ripens to embark on a ritual: vocalising your shadow, entering into trance states, the veil between this world and the next begins to thin…. As the journey deepens we open to the possibility of encountering archetypal energies, deities, figures,
spirits, and beyond. Ancestral voices and ancient beings that have been called upon throughout time to assist those who dare to tap into the other worlds. What is needed may not be what is considered beautiful. It may be discordant and difficult to listen to.
The disjointed, atonal.
The wild wail, the howl and scream.
Sometimes these sounds are those with the most power.
Sometimes these sounds are what the heart calls out for most.
Sometimes these are woven into music, into song,
and a genuine encounter with your soul
and transmutation of your world.

About Bethan and Katya

Bethan: From Theology and Religious Studies at Cambridge to living with the Pataxo indigenous tribe in Brazil, I have been exploring the channelling of voice on and off stage since my childhood in Wales. My work is inspired by my native tradition, where the bards and druids would go into Awen, a trance that allowed them to connect to the other world and bring back knowledge for the benefit of their people. My exploration has included training as a classical singer and learning with both shamans, masters, and the wordless ancient teachings of the natural world. My most recent retreat was a month in solitude with only my voice overlooking the sacred Island Ynys Enlli. I have been teaching and sharing the wisdom I have gathered for 3 years now in Berlin, London and North Wales.

Katya: Singing and expressing ourselves through our voice is our birthright. It makes us full human beings. It helps us to form identity and carries our physical and mental state. Singing offers us the opportunity to truly see ourselves and allows us to find our unique expression from which we can influence our world. It is in an incredible gift that each and every one of us has the ability to access. After spending 6 months in 2016 in an old growth forest, Puszcza Bialowiezka, in Poland, Katya found her deep-rooted re-connection to the land of her ancestors through the folk songs and stories of that place. Slavic folk songs are ‘myths with melodies’. Timeless, universal stories sung as a direct response to the environment of the people who were deeply rooted to their land. This remembering was the beginning of a continuously evolving journey of discovery into the power and wisdom held in these ancient songs and how they can guide us into remembering and discovering our own unique sound. We invite you to discover, experience and play with your own unique vocal identity. To see your voice as the mirror of yourself in this present moment.