July 5, 2018

Do you Dream? with Bee Alexis

Level – Beginner
Area – Crafts and Creativity

Dream’s can give us information beyond our conscious mind giving us a wider view of our life situations. They can give answers to problems and issues, or change the way of looking at a situation.
There have been many famous dreams throughout history.
Albert Einstein – discovered the principles of relativity from a vivid dream.
But what about your dreams, is it a simple one? Did you understand it?
This workshop will be a way of learning the skills to connect to your dream symbols and connect with the forces and emotions active in creating the dream. Sometimes just making that connection is all we need to understand what we may need in our life, or to become conscious. Other times we may need to work, with the symbols and emotions to reach that understanding.
We can do this by using active imagination, artwork and our bodies as instruments of expression.

About Bee

Bee’s path took an unusual direction due to a childhood illness which meant she was isolated and unable to move. Being a multi-sensory dyslexic, made escaping into books impossible. She couldn’t move from herself in any direction – physically and mentally. She, therefore, focused on her inner world and the question “Who am I?”.

During a difficult period of her life, my dreams gave her fresh insights. She then met Tony Crisp of Dream Hawke.com who taught her how to work with my her dreams as well as studying his and others. This work has continued for over 40 years.