July 12, 2019

Odehlay- Celebrating Full Body Spirit Mask of Sierre Leone with Ayodele Scott

Learning the percussion and chant accompanying the performance of the full body mask of Odehlay as a collective chorus. Experience the sensation of processing a Sierra Leonean mask with its undulations, crescendos and sense of community.

About Ayodele

Ayo, from Sierra Leone, grew up in Freetown immersed in music, dance and theatre. Since coming to England with Gbakanda Afrikan Tiata in 1987 he has been performing and teaching internationally as a musician, dancer and actor. Ayo’s mission is to interlink cultures and break down barriers through performance arts. After 32 years in the UK he has now developed a cultural base, Ategbeh Garden, back in Sierra Leone where he spends the winters encouraging the arts with both his people and international arts enthusiasts.