June 13, 2018

Wildcrafters Walking Workshops for Kids with Ashlie Love

Level – 7+
Area – Kids

Do you know what a herbalist is? When a herbalist is collecting plants it is called wildcrafting, it is similar to foraging but a forager is more likely to be collecting wild food be it animal or plants.

Did you know that a very common plant helps stops nose bleeds, funnily enough this is achieved by sticking the leaves from this plant up your nostrils.
Did you know dock leaf isn’t what you need to help soothe your skin when you have a nettle sting.
Did you know that you can actually eat nettles?!
All this & more…..

Ashlie will talk about picking and using plants safely and responsibly – by always asking an adult. She will describe the basic medicinal use and each plant and will have a short story/folklore to give it some character.

About Ashlie

Children and adults gather round, lets walk & talk plants! Ashlie will talk folklore, safety and usage. Expect tastings, stories, recipe ideas and learn about how to think and use these plants in a new way. Ashlie is passionate to share her knowledge about plants. She is a Naturopathic Herbalist, and treats people with plants and see such great results. She also educates people about diet, and foraging brings these two mediums together. During the walk she talks about usage, recipes, responsible foraging and participants will learn about some plants, they can use to detox, heal and nourish. Children are our future so Ashlie’s sessions at the summer school will be geared towards them, with stories and herb crown making.