June 28, 2019

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Level – Open to All

Artform – Martial Arts

Culture – Japan

This is a workshop exploring use of the Japanese Bo (staff). The Bo has been described as a karate weapon of self defence. We will cover fundamental techniques, traditional form and combat applications, including both attack and defence. This workshop will suit all levels, from beginner to advanced and will cover the art form as well as practical application, including partner work. This workshop will explore the Yamanni-Ryu form Choun No Kon, from Okinawa. Participants should wear loose clothing for easy movement Adults and children are welcome. Each session will start with the basic techniques so you are welcome to join in at any point.

About April and Ed

April started training in Shotokan Karate in 1982. Training under two students of Sensie Vernon Bell, one of the original teachers of Karate in the UK. Sensei Ray Fuller awarded her 1st Dan, and Sensie Joe Anderson awarded her 2nd Dan. When karate was definitely “old school”. Ed started training with her in 1992. They both studied Yamanni-Ryu and Okinawan kata with visiting Shihan Akio Minakami. Developing the softer more flowing movements of Shito-Ryu. Meeting Hanshi Patrick MacCarthy, lead them into yet another aspect of karate, exploring its self-defence themes. April and Ed currently train and teach in South East London, under Shihan Kevin Thurlow, at the SKKK Hombu. Where their youngest members are about 5 years old and their oldest is about 75, proving you are never too young to start, or too old to learn something new.