July 6, 2018

Now That’s What I Call Games! with Antidote

Level – For All!
Note – Bring your playful self!

Antidote London presents a bucketload of boredom-busting games. Be prepared for a blissfully silly session of games, from high-energy Stuck In The Mud to Grandmother’s Footsteps plus some innovative creations made up ourselves. Antidote has something for everyone up our sneaky sleeves.

Through a series of games, these workshops where everyone is welcome will stretch your play muscles good and proper, fuel your creativity, help you laugh in the face of failure and unlock your imagination.

Why play? Because playing games is really good for you!  We at Antidote believe that play is the ultimate portal to positivity and discovery. Games stimulate our imaginations, focuses our concentration, develops our problem solving skills and helps us to form bonds with other people. Play arouses curiosity, which leads to discovery and creativity and an awareness of the value of being open-minded.

Our sessions at Tribe of Doris will be curated by Games Guru, lecturer, musician and performer, Kevin Davidson and Head of Programming and Production at Antidote, Amelia Jayne. Our Friday session will welcome performer, musician and beloved Antidote facilitator, Paul Matania to help host the fun for all Play-Shop.

We at Antidote are so excited to be welcomed to our favourite festie, Tribe Of Doris. We’ve worked with many of the regular Tribe of Doris facilitators and just love the playful spirit of this vibrant tribe.

Giggles and silliness guaranteed as well as a whole host of other benefits.

About Antidote

Antidote is a London based playful events company who since 2005 has created opportunities for people to shake off the day. We do that by running uplifting and unusual music, dance and games sessions every week that act as an antidote to the seriousness of everyday London life. Wholesome escapism is what we call it.

Old school playground games are Antidote’s trademark sessions. But stopping at Games would be boring right? So whether it’s Djembe Drumming, Bollywood Dancing or perhaps Soul Singing, you’ll be sure to find some pretty inventive ways to be entertained and uplifted with us.

At Antidote we pride ourselves on our network of friendly facilitators, ones who’ve mastered their crafts and love working with people.

We’ve worked with big venues such as the Southbank Centre on a young peoples’ rights festival and with small organisations such as St Paul’s Cancer Centre on staff wellbeing sessions. You can find us on Radio 4 talking about the positive impact of our work and also at International festivals like Counterplay running interactive Play & Authenticity sessions. In a way you could say we’re serious about play.

Antidote believes that through playfulness and discovery we can lead happier, more fulfilling lives. So come join us, and get some wholesome escapism.