June 13, 2018

Sacred Healing with Anthar Kharana

Circle of Ceremony Songs and Dances of the Americas & “The Wheel of Animal Voice”

Level – Open
Area – Movement, Ceremony, and Meditation
Country – Colombia

The Inipi, or Sweat Lodge is a ceremony of purification, which in rough detail it involves a lodge – a frame of willow saplings covered with hides or blankets. Stones are heated in a fire, then placed into a central pit in the lodge. Water is then poured on the stones to create hot steam. Traditional prayers and songs are offered with the intention of calling the ancestors of the land, to help and to return the old ways to their people. This way, traditions can become stronger and the sense of respect for our dear Mother Earth restored. Lead by Anthar Kharana Navarro from Colombia.

Sacred Songs of the Americas and Fire Ceremonies

Level – 18+
Area – Healing

Sacred Songs of the Americas is a workshop focused on learning different songs used during ancient ceremonies in the Americas. These ceremonies are related to connecting with mother nature, to acknowledge the spirit world, to celebrate life and to sing to specific plant medicines that have supported these cultures for many centuries. You will also learn stories and sacred circular dances like the Corn Dance, a traditional dance of gratitude to the Corn Plan. Also, learn about this sacred traditions and dive in into what will be a sacred gathering of sharing and healing.

About Anthar

Anthar Kharana is native from the land of the old Hacaritama people up in the Andes in the north of Colombia. Anthar is a guardian of traditions, ancestral music and medicines of the Condor Nations and also Spiritual Leader of the Pachamama Native American Church, guided and supported by wise Elders from his homeland from an early age. He is also a music composer and sound healing practitioner.

As a Sundancer he carries the permission and blessing to hold the Chanupa (peace pipe) and Inipi (sweat lodge) medicines from the lineage of Leonard Crow Dog and became one of the Sons of the alliance of the Eagle & Condor Nations, a New Nation united by the agreement of the Elders of the North and South America to become One.

Over the last 15 Years, Anthar has been traveling and sharing the wisdom of the Sacred Fire and Ancestral Sound and its relation to the Plant and Animal Kingdom Medicine. He leads traditional ceremonies, sound journeys, conferences, workshops, concerts, therapies and retreats in different countries around the world including, Colombia, Chile, England, Scotland, Wales, Ibiza, Bali-Indonesia, Poland, France, Portugal, Rumania, Switzerland, and Italy among others.

As a composer and multi-instrumentalist Anthar has created different Albums of inspirational music and is an active composer for different international dance and theatre companies including Protein Dance, Sinman Dance, Vocab Dance and Fashion for Conservation.

He is the Director of Tribal Sound Healing and the Tambora Foundation in the UK and Colombia and co-director of the first school of sound healing in Scotland ANSU School of Sound & Tribal Healing Arts.

http://www.tribalsoundhealing.com/ (Main Web)
http://www.ansuschoolofsound.com (School of Sound in Scotland)
http://www.tribalsoundhealingretreat.com (yearly retreat in Colombia)
http://www.soundcloud.com/anthar-kharana (Music)
www.antharkharana.com (Latest Album)
www.khantara.com (other music)

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