June 13, 2018

The Greedy Goblin (show) with Annie Ward

Level – 2-7 years olds
Area – Kids

Set inside a suitcase, this is an intimate short 15 minute puppet show with aspects of audience participation. The story follows a young Goblin living in a quaint and cosy cottage deep inside a forest. We explore the forest with Goblin and meet the other creatures who live there too. Seeing their different homes, Goblin compares theirs to its own is no longer satisfied with it’s cottage so begins planning to build the biggest house of all…

About Annie

Hi I’m Annie! I have just graduated from my BA in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education this year and am now on my exciting (and scary) journey to developing a career (HELP!). I’ve worked a lot with kids and teenagers being a party host, drama facilitator, teaching assistant, forest school assistant and camp leader. My passion is in enriching community, encouraging participation in the arts and making it more accessible as a tool for expression, conversation and pure joy. There is so much we can learn and share with one another and I truly believe dancing, playing and shared enjoyable experiences can unite us. After attending Tribe of Doris last year, it made it into my dissertation this year and am more than thrilled to be returning again to the magic of the festival!