July 13, 2019

Native American Stories and Songs with Angelina McClelland Moore

Area – Kids

A place for kids to get tribal and creative, offering many fun-filled activities ranging from games and songs with a parachute, making instruments, singing kids songs in English and Spanish accompanied by the ukulele or guitar, learning original songs, costume and scenery making. All of this will be leading up to a show-stopping performance showcase.

The workshop is centred around the topic of Native Americans and we would make costumes (head dresses etc.), dream catchers and background scenery. We will also make a tipi out of cloth and wood and spend time in there reading Native American stories etc., to really immerse ourselves in the theme and optimise learning and level of engagement. All of these activities will lead up to a final performance.

An example of one of the songs we will learn:

We’re Native Americans 123,
We hunt for food and live in tipis
We respect our elders and treat others well,
We sit around the fire and have stories to tell,

Come into our world,
We have wisdom to share,
And stories to be told X2

We use our dream-catchers to purify our dreams,
We respect each other and work in teams,
Our clothing is beautiful, it’s brown, orange and red,
And we wear our head dress proudly on our heads

Come into our world,
We have wisdom to share,

And stories to be told X2

About Angelina

I am a bubbly, enthusiastic person who has a great connection with children and thrive when working with them and inspiring them to get creative. I incorporate music, arts and crafts, performance, games and Spanish to provide a fun filled environment for learning. I have worked with children of all ages over a period of 10 years in a variety of settings and contexts including England, Spain and Peru. I have run a summer school independently and facilitated workshops and art weeks centred around a variety of topics including Native Americans, The Jungle, Explorers and children’s stories such as Hansel and Gretel and The Ugly Duckling. At the end of every workshop I have facilitated, the children have always done an original performance in the form of a song, play or poem solely written by me, and the costumes and scenery made by the children. I think it is really important to immerse children in the theme through role play and creative activities so they are enjoying themselves and optimising learning.