July 14, 2016

Giving and Receiving Yoga with Ali Jane

DSC_0379‘Giving and Receiving – A guided practice in Partner Yoga and Thai massage.’  Come to wind down and soothe aching muscles with this nourishing and heart connecting practice. By working in pairs (Come with a friend or make a new one) we can support each other to drop deeper into our bodies, relax and release tension and blockages in the meridians (energy channels). We warm up with some partner yoga poses and then take it in turns to give and receive a treatment. Ali will guide you through simple yet highly effective techniques (Thai and Shiatsu style) and support you to find your own flow. Ali has 18 years experience as a bodyworker and is also a yoga teacher. She is passionate about sharing this work and making massage more accessible for all.

Human touch is a lovely way to connect with each other and this workshop aims to facilitate that connection in a relaxed, easy going and fun yet focussed and meditative way. Ali works with the energy of the group, moving through playful poses, exploring balance, weight giving and receiving and using gravity to ease the body into surrender. Sometimes the flow is purposeful dynamic where the partner yoga becomes like a dance (and indeed thai massage is a dance constantly moving and flowing) bringing in lovely creative movement elements, playing with points of contact and support. Other times the workshop can have a more restorative approach where poses are held for longer to release more deeply.

About Ali

Ali Jane has been a bodyworker for over 18 years and has trained in a wide range of disciplines  from Thai massage, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Fascia release, to Aromatherapy and Reiki.  She is a qualified Yoga Teacher having completed her training with Unity Yoga IYN back in 2006. Over the years she has specialised in Pregnancy and Family Yoga and currently offers Partner Yoga and Thai massage workshops around Southern England. Ali Jane is passionate about empowering and inspiring people to work together and support each other in their practice. Her workshop ‘Giving and Receiving’  facilitates a deepening of connection between ourselves, others and the world around us. Using and losing our own body weight we can let go and surrender. Nourishment for the soul!

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