May 27, 2019

Guinean Traditional Dances with Abdoulaye Camara

Level – Beginners  Advanced
Area – Dance

Rooted in the tradition of Guinean, West African culture, Abdoulaye’s dance classes are joyful. His teaching style is impeccable as he makes this art form easily accessible for everyone, from beginners to the seasoned dancer. With over thirty-five years of experience teaching and performing worldwide, he gives thanks to the ancestors of this music and dance. He is so happy to share his culture’s richness with anybody who wants to learn. Typically, Abdoulaye teaches his dance students a song that goes to the rhythm and dance they learn in his classes, so get ready, you will probably be singing a little bit too! Students leave his classes feeling a sense of accomplishment and invigoration.

About Abdoulaye

Abdoulaye is from the Susu ethnic group along the coastal region of Guinea (Conakry), West Africa. He spent the first ten years of life by the side of his grandmother Bountrabi Camara in the village of Yinguiakhori, close to the Atlantic coast of Guinea. From infancy, Abdoulaye’s ‘grandmom’ held him tied on her back in the traditional way as she farmed, sang songs and told him stories. As a young teenager, Abdoulaye was influenced by talented artists he met and studied with in the capital city of Conakry, which led him to his dream of becoming a professional dancer and drummer. In 1984, he created a 30-person ensemble of performance artists named Alla Tan Tou Dance Productions. Since then, Abdoulaye has had the opportunity to travel worldwide to share his artistry. Abdoulaye loves to bring people together from diverse backgrounds on the platform of African dance and music to experience the joy it creates locally and as a global community.