June 21, 2017

Bollywood with Aanchal Gupta

DSC_3856Bollywood Choreography

Level – Intermediate
Area – Dance
Country – India

In this Bollywood Dance workshop – Intermediate Level we will be learning basic steps, techniques, expressions, musicality, culture, history and slowly build up our choreography based on everything. Our choreography will be a fusion of Bollywood, Indian Classical and Bhangra (folk dance from Punjab).
The traditional moves, the hand gestures, the passion of expressing each emotion of song through movements make Bollywood magical and easy to connect. Each style has its own flavor making it interesting to learn and experiencing India at multiple levels.

We will start with very basics and slowly challenge ourselves with some intricate moves.
Hope you are ready to explore India with me 🙂

Bollywood for All

Level – Open
Area – Dance
Country – India

Bollywood Workshop for ALL is a fun energetic session designed to bring India to you. Dancing to the latest Bollywood track we will mark our journey toward a dynamic routine which will leave you with great energy and a big smile. We will go traditional with use of colourful scarfs in our routine. The workshop is structured to suit everyone, don’t worry if you haven’t danced before just walk in and I promise you a great dancing time.
As I always say Bollywood is all about having fun so forget your worry and join me in this fantastic dance from India.

About Aanchal

Aanchal is a dancer, instructor, choreographer and performer specialising in Indian Classical Dance Bharathnatyam, Bollywood and Salsa. Founder of BollyRed Dance Company UK, she loves to share her passion for dance and entertain everyone with her dancing.



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