November 26, 2014

Teachers Criteria


Teachers Criteria 2017

Artistic Quality

Tribe of Doris commits to having high quality educational workshops that are inclusive and offer a range of classes for all abilities. This includes open access workshops for complete beginners and advanced levels for more experienced students, with opportunities for the professional dancers and music makers to stretch their wings and engage in informal and formal sessions of learning.

We work with teachers from the cultures they represent where possible or with teachers who have developed a strong knowledge and expertise in the arts they teach. We are also dedicated to the development of upcoming teachers and will were possible provide training and support so they can deliver high standard workshops.

We have a programme development period during which we explore the themes and possibilities for each event and we engage teachers through our own experience or recommendation. Teacher booking will be made in line with our yearly criteria. Whilst we would like to book an infinite number of teachers, programme and budget restrictions mean we can only book a limited number so please understand that an application does not guarantee a booking.

We invite emerging teachers to fill in the online application form and offer their workshops for inclusion in the programme. If for any reason you are unable to navigate the online form please email us at



  • 20% new teachers yearly
  • Teachers from the cultural background they represent (if any)
  • OR who have substantial experience working with the culture they represent (residentials in the place are necessary)
  • A mixture of folkloric arts as well as fusion and new arts
  • A wide selection of art forms including music, dance, song, ceremony, yoga meditation and movement
  • A generous offering in the kids and youth are with teachers who have previous experience working with children and young adults
  • 10% of bookings will be made to support up and coming teachers with support and training?
  • At least 4 workshops that celebrate British heritage and culture


  • 2/3 teacher bookings with a focus on Asian Arts
  • 2 bookings from previously unrepresented cultures
  • 65 teacher bookings in total including;
    • 20 bookings for children and youth areas
    • 10 yoga/meditation/movement/ ceremony
    • 10 dance
    • 10 drum
    • 15 music and song
  • 3 teacher booking for older/ mature bodies
  • 4/5 Arts and Craft area bookings
  • Development of talks and activism side (talks, workshops, films)
  • 2 nights entertainment bookings
  • 40% of programme not Saturday Performance based
  • Explore potential of oversea artists to add new element to programme
  • 4 workshops that men will be interested in

Level Definition

Open – Workshops that have no level and are open to all ages.

Beginners – For participants with no previous experience. Basic techniques will be taught to give students an introductory feel of the art form

Intermediate – For participants with some previous experience (does have to be in the same art form – for example you might have previously done some Ghanaian dance but you would like to try Sabar dance). These workshops will develop the skills that you already have and give you a deeper understanding of the art form.

Advanced – For participants with lots of previous experience in the  artform and who  would like to be challenged. These workshops will build and develop your previous experience and give you an in depths understanding of the art form

So that participants can get the most out of workshop we ask that participants only attend the workshop if they feel they are at the appropriate level. This will give everyone attending a chance to really develop and teachers may ask those they feel are not at that level to watch.

Summer School Teacher Roles

Paid Teacher – This is for experienced teachers who have previous experience and have a long standing reputation for the work that they do. Paid teachers are programmed based on our yearly Teachers Criteria and the budget. Paid teacher places are limited. Teacher fees will be discussed on an individual basis.

Exchange TeachersOur exchange teacher tickets allow talented individuals to come and participate in our amazing Summer School, share their knowledge, develop their teaching practices, introduce themselves into the Doris community  or offer us something unusual that we might be interested in but haven’t necessarily got in our criteria priorities. They allow people to come to Doris in exchange for up to 3 workshops, developing their networks and enjoy the Summer School. Whilst there are no fees for exchange teacher tickets we do provide a limited amount of meal vouchers.

Both – If you would like to be considered both for paid teachers and exchange teacher roles.