May 18, 2017

Job Roles and Opportunities

Here is a list of our current job roles and opportunities. If you are interested in apply please send an email to Please send in a cover letter, your CV and answer the following questions:

Why would you like to work for Tribe of Doris?

What relevant experience do you have in the role?

What are you favourite things to do in your spare time?

What would your dream job be?

Have you been to the Summer School before?

If yes please tell us what you enjoyed and what you didn’t enjoy so much about it?

If you are interested in becoming part of the site or event crew please visit the working ticket page for more information and to apply.

Role: Youth Area Assistant Manager

Job Type: Voluntary (February – August)

Period: Some year round involvement plus Summer School 7th – 13th August

Job Description: Management of the youth area including decor, crew management, child protection, programme development, community engagement. This role supports the overall management of the Summer School and is supported by an event manager. This is a developmental role and is with a sight to develop the kids area and the involvement of the manager over a period of several years.

Necessary Requirements: DBS, comprehensive understanding of our child protection policy


Assistant Site Manager

Job Type: Voluntary (June – August)

Period: Some year round involvement plus Summer School 7th – 13th August

Job Description: This is a supportive role to the Site manager. You will be working closely alongside him in the build up, duration and pack down of the Summer School ensuring that we are safely and efficiently building and pack down. This will often involves leading teams in specific tasks as well as making sure that the site manager is supported. A big part of the role is to uplift and motivate the team.


Role: Photography Team

Job Type: Voluntary (1 week)

Period: 8th – 13th August

To apply to this role please fill in the photography application

Job Description: Be part of a larger photography who document and memorise the Summer School. Building on existing photography skills the team will develop their own skills under the direction of the Photography area manager Alastair Binnie Lubbock. This is a voluntary role where skills are exchanged for entrance to the Summer School.

2 thoughts on “Job Roles and Opportunities

  • Dear Tribe of Doris

    I am not sure if I am too late for this now as the opportunities and roles listed above mostly started in June – however, I would love to help out where possible. I was Artist Liaison Department Manager at Standon Calling Festival for 10 years and am good friends / ex festival colleague of Al Binnie Lubbock who can give you an unbiased review of my abilities if needed.

    I’d love to help out this year. Please let me know where you still need gaps filling and I’ll see what I can do



  • Role: Artist Liaison
    I have already secured a teaching position for the Summer School 2017, Yay, however, I would really like to get involved with TOD at Shambala. If there are any places doing Artist Liaison at Shambala, or other voluntary roles still available please let me know. I suggest Artist Liaison because I had a great time volunteering doing that last year.

    Mb 07710 176 724

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