July 15, 2015

The Healing Field




The Summer School Healing Area is hosted by the beautiful Helen Baddon. This year we have three therapists and a sauna so that you can soak away your troubles and relax in the beautiful surrounds of Stanford Hall.

Relax and Rejuvenate with Helen Baddon

As a therapist I believe that I am a catalyst to kick-start your own body’s natural healing process. An optimum state of deep relaxation is created using many techniques such as reflexology, Swedish full body, warm bamboo massage, Indian head massage, bellabaci (cupping), and ear candling. One or all of these techniques are combined in an intuitive and comprehensive treatment creating a richer sense of well-being and restoring your natural balance.

Colin & Olive of Satyagraha Gongs

Individual Gong Bath Relaxation Sessions.

The individual gong bath, as we facilitate it, is a unique and potentially profound experience which is variously described as relaxing, energising, exhilarating, rejuvenating and uplifting.  It is a very effective way of stimulating the natural good feeling of the body and most often leaves the recipient grounded with an indisputable sense of well-being.  The experience is often likened to ‘being massaged all over’ by those who are sensitive as they feel their skin tingle and deeper sensations as the waves of sound vibrate through the body and trigger a tangible release of tensions. Often during a gong bath the deepest sense of rest and rejuvenation is achieved. Since being initiated in the use of the gong through training with Gong master Don Conreaux eleven years ago, introducing people to the phenomenon of the gong has been our full time occupation.

Shiatsu sessions with Aurore and Heather

Aurore and Heather offer shiatsu sessions in a beautiful bell tent. Shiatsu is an amazing bodywork therapy which works with both the physical and energy system of the body. Profoundly healing, people often experience deep relaxation and a sense of having been physically met and seen at a soul level. Aurore and Heather are passionate about shiatsu and love connecting with people through deep awareness, intuition and sensitivity. They love working together, creating a cosy space, inviting people to pause and connect with their body. Their synergy combined with the tranquillity and sacredness of the tent is tangible and in itself provides a powerful healing space. They look forward to welcoming you for a 30 minute or 1 hour Shiatsu treatment.


Nina Truman : Therapixie

Nina embarked on her holistic adventure 16 years ago, after discovering first-hand how complementary therapies can be of immense benefit – physically, emotionally and spiritually. As well as running her “Therapixie” practice near Banbury, Oxfordshire, she specialises in taking her treatments to unusual places and spaces and loves helping people discover their inner sparkle.

Nina spreads her pixie-wings far and wide over the Summer and is excited to introduce you to the therapy experiences she has to offer at Doris for the first time! She’s ready to pamper you, perk you up and leave you ready to enjoy the festival. Every one of Therapixie’s magical experiences is totally tailored to your needs. Stop by to find out more about how a Pixie-Pummelling or a Pixie-Pampering can help you. Nina is always happy to answer any questions about her treatments or simply have a chat about holistic therapy in general!

Nina is pleased to offer the following treatments:

Acupressure (seated) Massage, Traditional (Swedish) Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Bellabaci Cupping Treatments, Reflexology (hands & feet), Ear Candling and Reiki

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