July 15, 2015

The Healing Field



The Summer School Healing Area is hosted by the beautiful Helen Baddon.

  • This year we have seven therapists who will help you relax and rejuvenate
  • Introducing the Meltdown sauna which has a glass roof so you can watch the stars whilst you cleanse.  This discrete space is kept clean offering a safe space for people to let go and unwind, to be still and be silent, or to sing and socialise. A sauna pass for the whole event (Weds to Sun) costs £25, or just £5 per session. Weekend sauna passes (Fri to Sun) cost £20.
  • There will also be a raw food café providing delicious, healthy food and drink options, the perfect place to relax whilst refuelling!
  • We are excited to launch the cosmic workshop space this year, so watch out for more details coming soon!!



Relax and Rejuvenate with Helen Baddon

As a therapist I believe that I am a catalyst to kick-start your own body’s natural healing process. An optimum state of deep relaxation is created using many techniques such as reflexology, Swedish full body, warm bamboo massage, Indian head massage, bellabaci (cupping), and ear candling. One or all of these techniques are combined in an intuitive and comprehensive treatment creating a richer sense of well-being and restoring your natural balance.


The wonderful Bryn – Shiatsu


Life is the most precious gift you received and it is held within your body; in the drumming rhythm of your heartbeat. Your body supports your work, your mental capacity for gaining and utilising knowledge, your emotions as wells as your spirituality.

Your body is your ultimate home that is why it is worth every effort to keep it nourished and held.

Shiatsu has the power to take you to a state of deep relaxation. It’s a space for healing from your heart that can spread to your relationships, mood, mind and body.

I welcome all pain and stresses, especially I invite you if you have already tried things that didn’t quite help or just want to explore the possibilities.


Magical Jeannie 


I’m a Peruvian trained Shaman. I’m not book taught or western taught. I lived and worked in the Andes and jungle for many years, where I trained under my master. I now live near Banbury. I work as a Shaman, taking care of your missing parts and returning them to you healthy. I am also trained in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue massage, Hopi ear candles, and our old fave Reiki. I work authenticity and from the heart!


Beautiful Aurore – Shiatsu


I fell in love with shiatsu in 2008 and have been passionate about it through its study and practice at the Bristol School of Shiatsu. I love the simplicity and groundedness of shiatsu (one lies fully clothed on a futon) yet its profound healing effects can be felt not only on a physical level but also on an emotional, spiritual and soul level.

“Aurore’s deep compassion and love is felt through her hands and presence”.

“In essence, shiatsu with Aurore is beautiful and shamanic. Her work is profound, gentle and powerful.  Her touch and intelligence are intuitive and spacious, allowing me to unfold naturally. I trust her completely and recommend her without reservation”.

“I have had several sessions with Aurore over the past 2 years, and every single one has been profoundly healing. Aurore is gentle and intuitive, thorough and generous. I cannot recommend her more highly!”

“I had two half hour sessions over two days in the healing fields at Tribe of Doris Festival specifically for a shoulder problem. While the shoulder was targeted I had a full treatment and the overall outcome has been outstanding. Highly recommend this treatment gentle but powerful. My energy has been shifted but not just in the physical sense”.

Awesome Ed


I have been on a personal spiritual journey for more than 25 years. Spending time in India and later moved to Thailand in 2005, where I still live much of the year. I have been working with Deep Tissue Massage for around 14 years, and I occasionally teach massage too. I am also trained in Indian Head Massage, Acupressure Chair Massage, Reiki, Vortex Healing, Hypnotherapy and Rebirthing breathwork.

With DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE I work intuitively to find knots, tight muscles and problem area, I then use firm pressure to relieve chronic muscle tension, but usually finish with head and feet, which leaves you feeling very relaxed. Improves flexibility, suppleness and circulation & helps the body heal itself. Great for achy or tight muscles.

ACUPRESSURE CHAIR MASSAGE is done in a specially designed chair, which totally supports your body, and uses a combination of classical massage techniques, stretching and use of acupressure points. It is done fully clothed without the use of oils.
I combine REIKI & VORTEX HEALING which are both form of energy healing, using hands, both on and above the body. They help to balance and recharge the body’s energy system, often clearing energy blockages along the way, leaving the body feeling energised and alive.

Incredible Jess 


Holistic Massage treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual whether this be physical, emotional or spiritual. The techniques used are all met with a natural sensitivity and range from relaxation, deep tissue, Indian head, stretches, mobilisation, gentle holds and reiki. Should you like your treatment to be energizing and stimulating, relief from tension in sore muscles, relaxing and grounding or anywhere in between we can plan a treatment that is just right for you.


Nurturing Nina


Nina loved her first adventure at DORIS last year and is excited to be back again! 17 years ago, she discovered first-hand how complementary therapies can be of immense benefit – physically, emotionally and spiritually. As well as running her “Therapixie” practice near Banbury, Oxfordshire, she specialises in taking her treatments to unusual places and spaces and loves helping people re-kindle their inner sparkle. Nina spreads her pixie-wings far and wide over the Summer and is looking forward to pampering you and perking you up so you’re ready to enjoy the weekend to the max! Every one of Therapixie’s magical experiences is totally tailored to your needs. Stop by to find out more about how her treatments can benefit you. Nina is always happy to answer any questions or simply have a chat about holistic therapy in general. Nina is looking forward to offering the following: Acupressure (seated) Massage, Traditional (Swedish) Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Bellabaci Cupping Treatments, Reflexology (hands & feet), Ear Candling and Reiki

Healing Heather

bell tent heather and aurore

I am passionate about shiatsu and love to share this incredible healing art. I have been developing my practice since qualifying from Bristol School of Shiatsu in 2012. Shiatsu is a body therapy – connecting through the physical body and working with the energy system within the body. Using meridians to connect and drop deeply allows emotions, spiritual and soul territories to be included. All of this supports health and wellbeing for the individual.

I am very excited to be back for my 3rd year at Tribe of Doris working with Aurore in the Heart Bell Tent. Looking forward to see familiar faces and meeting new people in the beautiful Healing Field area!

 ‘Thank you so much, I was able to continue my adventure with your very light but effective hands. The sciatica disappeared and my body feels more connected. You made my experience at Tribe of Doris even more special as that was also my first Shiatsu massage!’ Carolyn

7 thoughts on “The Healing Field

  • Hi, my name is Tamsin. I came to your beautiful vibrant festival last year and this year I would love to work at your healing field. I’m aware I might be a little late in the day, but thought I’d ask. I offer journey work with conscious breath work (including rebirthing), somatic body awareness, Vortex Energy Healing, Theta Healing (Belief work) and Conscious Touch Holistic Massage. I hold a clear and compassionate energetic space to process and release difficulties. Essentially I help people get to the root of emotional difficulties, psychological patterns and physical conditions, help things release and clear, to heal from inside out.

    With love Tamsin

    • Hi Tamsin

      Thanks for your enquiry, but as you predicted it is a little late in the day. Best to get in touch around Jan/Feb 2018 for next year.
      Many thanks
      Doris x

  • Dear one,,

    I would love to take a part on your Healing Field. I am a Reiki and Reconnective Healing practitioner and also Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer and Teacher . I can offer group blessings with Love Peace Harmony Divine Soul Song and with my soul song and more. Also I can offer one to one consultation and blessings for every aspect of life. Soul dance, soul tapping and singing the most powerful blessing song for Love Peace Harmony and offer them this song as a free gift. Please contact me 07966486889 or email to my mail address please info@hilal.org.uk . Or please let me know how can I apply. Thank yo for all your help. With Love and Light

  • Hi there, I would like to apply to come and join the healing fields team at Doris this year. I am a fully qualified massage therapist (holistic, remedial & Kahuna) and reflexologist and am currently training to be a cranial sacral therapist. I have been teaching yoga for over 15 years (adults and children) in London and run retreats in the UK and Europe. If my skill set looks interesting to you and you feel it would be an asset to have me join then please let me know how I can apply.

    Many Thanks,

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