June 19, 2016

Emerging and Diverse Artists Development Programme

Artist Development Programme


Over the years we have offered all sorts of support to emerging and developing artists. Last year Ayo Wallace ran a pilot project to develop this support and 10 artists came to our Summer School. They gave us some volunteer time and we gave them the opportunity to be part of the summer school, perform, shadow workshop leaders of their choice, be part of a group of young diverse artists and grow artistically.

This year we have offered this programme to artist who will participate in 2 stages.

Stage 1-  Summer School attendance includes:

  • Volunteer 4hrs a day in a variety of capacities, (ie gate, HQ, open mic nights etc). We will tailor voluntary hours to suit your interests and our needs at the time.
  • Collection of evaluation forms and typing them out
  • A chance to be a part of the production team for evening entertainment
  • There will be a dedicated Artists Development space curated by Yana, who was on the programme last year. In this space you can explore all sorts of issues and ideas related to your development as an artist.

Stage 2 (Arts Council Funded)

As above and with their support we will offer a 6 month programme of development  including :

  • 2 days of professional development in business, funding and using your arts in community settings as well as arts centres etc
  • Performing, creative producing  and production opportunities in London and Bristol
  • Individual mentoring

 Criteria we are looking for :

  • Emerging or re-emerging artist of any age
  • Artists from diverse background (interpret this as you will)
  • Commitment to coming to the summer school on Tuesday 9th Aug and leave on late afternoon on the 14th
  • Independence getting to and from to the Summer School

For stage 2

  • Commitment to engage in the 6 month programme
  • Some experience in your art with a real want and need to develop


Applications have now closed.

4 thoughts on “Emerging and Diverse Artists Development Programme

  • Karwan Omar From Switzerland Wants to open a Dance Work Shop here in Bristol. All Ages /abilities/ women/ men..So Whether you think he should do a Pilot Project or just a few days Work shop ! Its up to Tribe of Dorris. Further info. Available upon request

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