December 1, 2014

Getting There, Accommodation & Food


  • Held in the stunning 900 acre grounds of Stanford Hall in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH
  • Gates open 12 noon on Wednesday 9th August 2017.  
  • Whichever day you arrive please arrive by 10pm as that is when the gates close!
  • Everyone should be off site by 4pm Sunday 13th August
  • No pets allowed, sorry!  Although our hosts at Stanford Hall have a dog that you may see in the grounds. 

Getting there

Directions by car (click on the highlighted city for full directions)

  • From Bristol (2 hours 10 mins) & the South West
  • From Birmingham (45 mins)
  • From London (2 hours) & the South East
  • From York (2 hours 15 mins) & the North East
  • From Manchester (2 hours 20 mins) & the North West

By train – Rugby is the closest train station to Stanford Hall.


Rugby is the closest train station to Stanford Hall. Taxis cost around £20 one way.

Taxi companies: Compass 01788 222222  or Call a car 01788 540800

By Air

If you are flying to Doris the nearest airports are:

  • East Midlands (40 minutes)
  • Birmingham Airport (40 minutes)
  • Stansted Airport (London) (70 minutes)
  • Luton Airport (London) (70 minutes)
  • Heathrow (London) (2 hours)


 Other tips & recommendations
  • It’s lovely to travel with someone you’ve just met, reduce your carbon footprint and share travel costs! We will create a lift sharing page on Facebook nearer the time.
  • If you want to bring in a live-in vehicle you will need to purchase a ‘campervan pass‘ which costs £20.
  • If you are travelling by car please buy a ‘car park pass (£10 for up to 5 days)
  • If you are just coming for a day then you can buy a car pass for £5
  • Link to Carbon offsetting


  • Camping is included in the ticket price 
  • General Camping is for those who like to go to bed late and/or don’t mind a bit of noise. This will include live in vehicles parked to one side. Portable toilets and showers will be closest to general camping as it is nearer the water supply
  • Quieter camping is for those who may go to bed early or who are sensitive to noise. Please be aware that we cannot totally eradicate noise from the camp sites. Also space for live in vehicles, parked to one side.  Still less than 5 min walk to nearest showers/toilets.
  • Luxury accommodation in the stables of Stanford Hall.   There are only 5 rooms still available with either 2, 3 or 4 single beds in each. Double beds can be arranged.  Most of the rooms have a shared bathroom, a couple have en-suites. Prices are £150 per room, per night. Please contact us to find out availability at
  • Glamp in authentic Mongolian yurts, accommodating up to 6 people with futon beds, bedding and wood burners.  They cost £400 for the full 4 nights (Weds night to Saturday night).  Portable toilets will be situated close to the yurts. You cannot cook in the yurts. These are now SOLD OUT
  • Bell Tents – Tribe of Doris have a limited number of unfurnished 4 metre & 5 metre bell tents available for hire. We will set them up and pack them down for you and they cost £130 for the whole event. These are now SOLD OUT
  • Other local accommodation options



  • There will be gas powered showers and portable toilets (including disabled access) in the general camping area.
  • There are also also men’s and women’s toilets (including disabled access) in the stable block.  Please note that there will be no access to showers in the stable block this year.  All showers will be on the field
  • You are welcome to bathe in the river at your own risk. 
  • Please do not use the lake as people complain of skin irritation



Let the tantalising flavours from far off Caribbean Islands warm your cockles, soothe your nerves, ease your joints and make you smile.  At this years Rum Shack we will be serving fine and varied Rums from the Islands of Cuba, Barbados, St. Lucia and the very latest new Rums from Jamaica.  Our mixes will be usual juices plus our popular specialities ‘mango and chilli’ and ‘mojito’ style with fresh mint and lime. In addition, this year’s ‘Wellness Warrior’ will be serving powerful herb, root and bark infusions to ease sore throats, aid blood cleansing, assist with Women’s pains and improve virility (ahem!) amongst other tings.  He is also serving up a hot roots tea of a night time.  Wine, Beer and Cider are also on offer. The shack will be full of Reggae, Soca and African  vibes as usual and our outside fire will be there to drum around. The Rum Shack will open at 18:00.


Eat with the Tribe on long tables designed to share huge platters of delicious food in the Stable dining room.

An experience not to be missed!

Tribal Feast 2017

Book your Tribal Feast now!


  • We are thrilled to welcome back everybody’s favourite pizza providers ‘Pizza of Dreams‘  Eirlys will bring their wood fired ovens and smiley staff to the field for the third year, yum yum!
  • Simply Rawgeous will provide an extensive, healthy and delicious raw food menu this year, as well as running our sauna! Their menu will include falafel wraps, salads, curries, nut burgers.  For dessert expect raw cakes, chocolate, apple pie and ice cream…yummy! See their website for more info
  • Scoff and Relish Run by Mijanou and her fabulous team, their food is tasty, filling and their meat options are all free range.
  • Breakfast – Yogurt pot with Honey, banana and blueberries. Drop scones with Maple Syrup, Chorizo and/or egg. Drop Scones with Yogurt , Maple syrup, banana Blueberries
  • Super hot box – Short Grain Brown Rice, Sweet Red Onion, Cinnamon, Lime, Soy, Moroccan chickpea, Sweet Potato, Harrissa Yogurt, Seeds, Baby spinach Or Spiced Lentils, Grilled Aubergine zalouk, Tahini Yogurt, Seeds, Baby leaves. Topped With Halloumi / Goats cheese / Falafel / Harrissa Chicken thighs / Sweet and Spicy Lamb skewers / Classic Greek Salad. Scoff & Relish Slaw, orange, soy, sesame Dressing.
  • Jam Dung Kitchen is a family run catering and events management company established in Jamaica and now bringing that Jamaican twist to the Summer School! Serving cereals, cornmeal & oat porridge, fried dumplings with ackee and saltfish, boiled green bananas with steamed callaloo and fried plantains, Jamaican spinach soup, rice & pea, Jamaican chicken stew, jerk chicken, Fried fish, Steamed veg/callaloo, homemade Jamaican fruit punch, and Jamaican sweet potato pudding


  • Lovely Dave and Annette who run The Cake Hole at Shambala Festival will be running our Doris Cafe & Open Mic Night for the second year serving delicious hot drinks, cakes and hot meals (especially nice for those hungry tummies at Open mic and party nights!)
  • Everyone’s favourite Scots, Billy & Elaine are back to run Coffeecab, the perfect place for real coffee lovers to keep going when energy levels are flagging!

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  • HI. Can anyone offer lift to Rugby and back to camp on Friday? Buses infrequent. Have specific food requirements and buses infrequent and hard to get from and to with bags of shopping. Won’t be contactable easily but if anyone who’s going can leave a message on 07804084707 as to where and when to meet that would be really great.
    Cheers Mel

  • Hello.l
    can anyone offer me a lift? .I looked on Tribe of Doris website but cannot see anything for lifts to summer camp.

  • Hello.
    Can you tell me if I can find a way of finding a lift to the camp (to be there by Tuesday) via Tribe of Doris website or alternative.I have looked but cannot see anything fir liftsharibg.

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